Drive With Tech: 5 High-Tech Ways To Upgrade Your Car And Make It Feel New

Modern cars are tech-smart these days. Most of the new model cars on the market provide lane departure warnings, driving assistance, blind spot coverage, and many more advanced features. However, everyone can’t afford to buy a new car that has been equipped with every modern technology available to the world today.

Luckily, there are now ways and gadgets that can makeover and upgrade your old car without dealing with a pesky car agent. Virtually, everyone can now have the chance to own a space-age, fully equipped and modern looking car. Here are five high-tech ways you can do to upgrade your car and make it feel brand new.5 High-Tech Ways To Upgrade Your Car

Cover Your Car’s Exterior With Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl car wrapping is in vogue these days. Instead of car repainting, you can cover the scratches and dents of your buddy with vinyl car wraps to achieve a much more sophisticated and brand new look.

The vinyl car wrap is way better than car paints as it is easy to apply and remove from your vehicle whenever you want. It also has a lower cost with better durability. Also, painted cars require quite a lot of maintenance, but with a car wrap, it only needs less maintenance.

Connect An Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

The Automatic is a smart driving assistant device accompanied with the Automatic mobile app in order to provide information about driving safety, fuel economy and efficiency, engine diagnostics, and many more. Connect this device to your car so that you can watch your vehicle through your phone.

To operate this gadget, plug the Automatic unit into the car, download the Automatic mobile app then start driving. The Automatic app will also rate your driving skill and give you a score based on the average of all your trip.

The app has a trip log which can track your trips and let you name places you’ve been. The moment you tagged those places the Automatic device will know the places later on and record it. With this device installed even in your old car when you travel makes you feel you have a smart brand new car wherever you go.

Purchase A SmartStart Systems

There’s no need to buy a brand new car to experience driving with a remote start button. You can now start, unlock, and locate your car from the palm of your hand with the use of a Smartstart system. A smartstart device connected to your car will give you access to control your vehicle via an app on your smartphone.

To experience driving with a remote start system using your car all you need to do is to install the device in your car, download its paired app, then set up an account and you are ready to go.

The app of this device has a vehicle locator, programmed schedule assistant that starts the car based on commuting practice, and a parking meter reminder. Purchasing a smartstart device will allow you to drive your old car making it feel brand new.

Install a Modern Radar Detectors

Install a modern radar detector to your car and give your buddy the latest generation of protection available today. These high-tech detectors have their own apps, protection networks, and can also give you over-speed alerts.

It has an auto learn technology, clear voice alert, and speed alert features. It can also stay ahead of the threats by downloading the most up-to-date threat locations through connecting it to the computer via USB port.

Set Up A GoPro

Capture every moment while on a drive with a GoPro . The GoPro is a little camera that can take photos of beautiful landscape, capture a picturesque journey in panorama, and document every memorable moment in the car with your family.

A GoPro also proposes time-lapse abilities, and some newer models have Bluetooth and wifi tethering for photo editing and sharing. You can set it up in any cars regardless of their age.



By following the steps listed above, you can now makeover and equipped your old buddy with high-tech gadgets that provides modern features. Adding the right technology to an older vehicle can make it feel like brand new.

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