LG Secure Startup Bypass – Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern

lg secure startup bypass

LG Secure Startup Bypass – Forgot Password, PIN, Pattern: You can easily access your device if you forget your password, pin, or pattern. Just follow the steps outlined here.

If you enable the secure start-up option during the screen lock configuration, you must input the secure startup Password/PIN/Pattern every time you restart.

Your phone will not be able to receive calls, texts, notifications, or sound alarms until you enter the secure startup credentials.lg secure startup bypass

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, Pattern, or Password, learn how to circumvent the protected starting screen. On my LG Journey, I’m stuck on the Secure Start-up pattern lock screen. The Pattern lock is something I don’t recall.

We must restart the phone and try again after every ten failed attempts.

The correct screen Pattern/PIN/Password can be entered 30 times.

The phone will be immediately reset and all files will be wiped once you’ve used all 30 attempts.

If you don’t recall the secure startup credentials, you can hard reset the phone by pressing the volume down and power buttons together.

Step by Step Guide to LG Secure Startup Bypass 

Without performing a reset, we will be unable to circumvent the secure starting screen.

To reset the phone, we must first turn it off.

Long-press the power button and select “Power off” from the menu.

Press the volume down and power keys as instructed above once the phone is turned off.

Release the power button for a moment after the LG logo appears on the screen, then press it again. (Do not let go of the volume down key.)

If everything went well, the phone should now be on the “Factory data reset” screen.

We’ll need to use the volume rocker and power button on this page. The touch is ineffective.

Using the volume down key, go from “No(Exit)” to “Yes.” Select “Yes” by pressing the power button.

Repeat the procedure. To begin the factory data reset, change the setting from “No” to “Yes” and press the Power key.lg secure startup bypass

The phone is currently being deleted. We’ll have to wait a few minuites.

We’ve arrived at the setup wizard’s “Welcome” page.

We must now connect to the internet using either Wifi or mobile data.

To continue, select “Set up as new.”

It’s asking for the Screen lock pattern yet again. “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD” is an other choice this time.

We’ll need to double-check with the Google account that was previously connected on this device. To complete the setup wizard, enter your Google account credentials and follow the on-screen prompts.

If you don’t recall the last time you synchronized your Google account, you can bypass the Google verification page by following the steps below

How to bypass Google Verification on LG Journey LTE

To make the FRP Bypass procedure easier to understand, we’ll split it down into five parts:

STEP 1: LG Secure Startup Bypass

Lock a SIM Card with a different phone.

To lock a Metro SIM Card, I’m using an LG K40 —

Go to Settings > Lock Screen & Security on an LG phone.

As indicated above, select “Set up SIM Card Lock” and then “Lock SIM Card.”

It’s requesting the current SIM card. The default PIN for Metro SIMs is 1234.

Hit “OK” after entering the PIN.

The SIM card lock has been turned on.

Let’s get this locked SIM installed on the LG Journey.

As illustrated above, place the locked SIM in the appropriate slot.

The SIM PIN is being requested by the phone.

On the screen, there is a message that says “Not signed in.”

Swipe down the screen, beginning at the “Not signed in” notification and ending at the bottom. You can follow the arrow in the screenshot above.

On the top of the screen, a few fast access icons have appeared.

To go to this page, hold down the “Bluetooth icon” for a long time.
Bluetooth should be enabled.

We’ll have to utilize another phone to deliver an image file to LG Journey through Bluetooth once more.


STEP 2: LG Secure Startup Bypass

Send an image file to LG Journey via Bluetooth from another phone.

I’m using my LG K40 to send an image via Bluetooth once more.

Let’s go ahead and open a photo in the Gallery app. To send this file, click the share icon.

We must select “Bluetooth” as the sharing medium.

“LG L322DL” is the Bluetooth device that is now available. This is the LG Journey’s model number.

To send the image file, tap “LG L322DL.”

Examine your LG Journey’s display now.

To receive the Bluetooth file, tap “ACCEPT.”

To view the file, go to the “3 dots icon” and select “Received files.”

Screenshot.png is the image file. To open it, simply tap on it.

The default app for opening this file is the Gallery. We’ll need to use the “Photos” app to open it.

As illustrated above, tap “Photos” and pick “JUST ONCE” or “ALWAYS.”

Allow the Photos app to access your device’s media files. To do the same, tap “Allow.”

To share this image file, click the “Share icon.”



Use the “Photos” app to open the received file and reach the Screen lock configuration screen.

We must use the “Email” exchanging channel.

Allow your contacts and media files to be accessed by the Email app. To accept the request, click “Allow.”

The next step is to choose an email service provider. To proceed, select “Other.”

To continue, insert any email address and select “MANUAL SETUP” from the drop-down menu.

Choose “Microsoft Exchange” as the account type.

We’ve arrived at the “Server Settings” page.

“Client certificate” is the last option on this page. To add a client certificate, click “Add.”


STEP 4: LG Secure Startup Bypass

Create a new PIN, Pattern, or Password for your screen.

On the screen, a pop-up appears. To use credential storage, it claims we need to switch to a secure screen lock.

To make the necessary changes, press “CHANGE.”

We’ve arrived at the “Protect Your Phone” section.

We can enter a PIN, a pattern, or a password here. This new screen lock will take the place of the previous one.

Let’s add a Screen PIN to the mix.

By selecting “No, thanks,” you can skip the Secure start-up page.

The PIN lock has been changed to 1234.

We’ll need to double-check the PIN.

The password for the screen lock has been changed. Let’s circumvent the Google account using this PIN.

We must return to the “Welcome” page.


STEP 5: LG Secure Startup Bypass

Return to the Welcome page and skip the Google verification prompt.

To return to the initial page of the setup wizard, press the back button.

We’ve arrived at the Welcome page.

To progress forward, press the forward arrow.

To continue, press “NEXT.”

“Set up as new” should be selected.

We’ve arrived to the page where you can verify your PIN.

Hit “OK” after entering the PIN we added in the previous step, which is 1234.

The screen lock page has been successfully bypassed.

On the Google sign-in page, we get the “Skip” option this time.

“Delete” your Google account.

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