5 Online Dating Apps Better Than Tinder

5 Online Dating Apps Better Than Tinder: If surfing Tinder has become a habit, but when the match finally happens you still remain lying on the couch – it’s time to change something. It isn’t necessary to completely abandon mobile dating applications, after all, they are already part of our life, like online shopping and food delivery.

It’s worth paying attention to the services that will take care of the organization of date and help you to avoid uneasy silence on the first acquaintance.5 Online Dating Apps Better Than Tinder

  1. Hater:

This is a relatively new and original application. The developers have taken the principle of “from love to hate only one step, and back even less.” The idea is that the program looks for potential friends, not basing on what we love, but quite the contrary – on what we can’t stand.

In general, the basis for relations is no worse than any other: we all sometimes want to share with someone how we hate long traffic jams, melty ice cream or garden gnomes. Technically, the Hater isn’t much different from other applications: swipe down for hate, up for sympathy.

At the moment the program can offer about 2 thousand topics that can be hated. Among them are Donald Trump, marijuana, slow-moving people, a selfie of buttocks and much more.

“The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me:” Hey, it’s a ridiculous idea, but it makes sense, “says comedian Brendan Alper, the author of the original idea. The symbol of the application is inverted heart.

  1. Happn:

The creator of the application, the architectural critic Didier Rappaport, has been in the digital industry for more than ten years. He himself considers Happn his best project. The service uses hyper geolocation technologies.

This means that Happn shows you only those people that you have ever crossed: maybe you go to the same store outside of your home or flew to Bali in one plane, maybe you work together or buy sandwiches in one and the same coffee house. So you don’t need to make a date on purpose, just meet in a place you already know.

If you find someone who you like, click on the heart. To increase your chances of correspondence, you can send a user you like the so-called Charm – a sign of deep sympathy. This application is relevant primarily for residents of large cities. This is written by users in the comments: if you don’t live in a metropolis, it’s very difficult to find a loved one.

  1. Badoo:

This is the largest dating network in the world, where every new user immediately indicates the purpose of his registration, whether it’s a simple communication or the desire to go out on a date. You can always see who of the users of the service remain nearby, and with whom you could previously have accidentally crossed in the city.

Badoo is notable for a quite user-friendly interface, video chat function and a unique mode for finding doubles. The latter allows you to find people looking like you, or, conversely, similar to those who you like. For example, your favorite celebrity.

  1. MyLove:

This is a simple and understandable service for communicating with the opposite sex or for searching for a serious relationship. Users can access detailed profiles, search by geolocation, comments on photos and the opportunity to get acquainted without a profile photo, that is, almost anonymously.

In the application options, it’s possible to select the country of search if someone wants to communicate with those who are abroad. It’s a great opportunity to make a cross-border marriage, but firstly you should find out more about Christian girls dating . There are no paid subscriptions in the application, for real money you can only increase the popularity of your profile.

  1. Pure:

The Pure project was created especially for sex-dating. This is a very laconic and extremely honest application that doesn’t flirt with users, but calls things as they are: “You’re attractive, he is insanely handsome, it’s time to get to know each other better.”

Enter your gender, the gender of the desired partner, upload your photo and wait until the system finds suitable options no further than 50 km from you. Advantages are: all users of the application are aware of why they need it, don’t have to register an account or log in through social networks.

Pure claims that it doesn’t store user data and the service is confidential. Maybe it’s true, but it’s always necessary to remember about your personal security. The first week of using the application is free, then you have to pay for a monthly subscription.

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