6 Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

Android Emulators For PC: With lots of new applications coming up in the Android Marketplace the use of Android emulators is growing. The emulator allows you to run an application on a PC to test its performance and user interface. The emulator has been helping the developer to build more reliable and improved Android apps.

The fierce competition among the developers to Build more reliable fast and user-friendly applications for Android devices is whats helping emulators become as popular as they are today.6 Best Android Emulators For PC 2018

Another significant advantage of an emulator is the fact that they can help in identifying any bugs and errors that can harm the smartphone. The emulator can be used to develop an Android application from scratch on a PC. Seeing the immense popularity of Android emulators, there has been a sudden rise in the number of android emulator for windows.

Finding the right Android Emulators For PC among the various options can be a challenging task, and so we have listed down below six of the top Android emulators that have made a big name in 2018.

  1. BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android Emulator and was launched seven years back and since then have become immensely popular. The user account of this emulator is as big as 130 million because of its ease of use and high performance.
  2. Andy OS is also a popular name among the emulator for window phones. You transform your Windows PC into a complete Virtual Android platform wherein you can test or build an application very quickly.
  3. If you are looking for an excellent free of cost Android Emulator, then KO player is an excellent choice. Its performance is outstanding and allows you to record videos through multiple accounts.
  4. GenyMotion is the top favorite of people who are looking for high speed in an emulator. The emulator comes with a right amount of preloaded images which can be used for building an application.
  5. Windroy Aviate, another favorite emulator to create and test Android apps on a Windows PC. The emulator is based on virtualization Technology that provides high performance and plenty of Amazing features.
  6. Remix OS player is known for its ease of use among the developers. There are a number of Amazing tools that have been added to the Android Emulators For PC to help players with gaming apps.

Every year new emulators are added over the internet and each of which claims to be the very best. Some emulator available for free while there are others for which you may have to buy a license. The features and the user interface of each of these emulators may differ from each other, and the developers are expected to select according to their requirements.

Not every paid emulator is worth the money, but the users should not just get attracted to free versions especially if they want to test high-quality applications or games on their Windows PC. As there are numerous android emulators for windows, it is recommended for the developers to keep themselves updated and look for the best emulator available in that particular year.

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