6 Helpful Tips For Shooting Great Video

6 Helpful Tips For Shooting Great Video: Whether shooting video is a pastime and you like to hone your skills in your free time or you are looking to be a professional in the field of video production, there are some pointers that can direct you in the right path when shooting.

Getting the hang of a few basics to follow when shooting footage can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to editing and post-production. Here are the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure you capture great video.6 Helpful Tips For Shooting Great Video

6 Helpful Tips For Shooting Great Video

  1. Check Camera Stability

The key to a professional looking video is to be able to shoot steadily without jerks and shakes. A tripod can do wonders to keep your camera in one position but this limits you to shooting from one spot.

It is important to practice holding the camera yourself without shaking it involuntarily with your breathing or movements. In addition to this, you can use whatever steady objects you have at hand, such as a shelf or platform, to steady yourself or the camera when shooting.

  1. Use Creative Techniques

When shooting, try not to always stick to the usual or you run the risk of having boring footage. Instead of always keeping a safe distance from your subject, experiment with getting closer to where the action is and using new angles to gain a unique perspective in your film.

  1. Easy On The Zooming

Remember that too much panning and zooming can make your video look amateur. Imagine all the good film you have seen – isn’t panning and zooming only used rarely.

You will negate the dramatic effect it is meant to have in your movie if you use these options too often. It is always better to let the action unfold naturally and zoom only when absolutely needed.

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  1. Watch Out For Natural Light

Sure, the sun may be shining brightly when you are shooting outdoors but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay keen attention to your lighting. Keep an eye on what the position of the sun is when you are shooting to avoid awkward shadows and harsh light on your subject.

Shoot when the light is softer, such as the early hours of the morning and evening. One important rule to follow when shooting outdoors in the daytime is to always have the sun to your back when you are taking the video so that adequate light in on your subject.

  1. Think Carefully About Light Indoors

You need sufficient lighting indoors to make sure that the video you shoot does not look dim and dull. First, check your existing lighting – factor in natural light coming in from windows as well as any overhead lighting you may have the room.

Keep in mind that overhead lighting only shines light from the ceiling downward and isn’t ideal as your only light source. Adding some professional lights to your set up can make a world of difference to the quality of your videos.

  1. Don’t Forget About Sound

Good audio is just as important as good footage so don’t forget to make a sound a priority when you record. Either get a separate mic or make sure that the microphone on your camera is close enough to the subject to get the clearest possible audio.

For interviews, where a person’s voice clarity is very important, always do a test recording and check to see how well the audio is being picked up. Also keep an ear out for background noises that can ruin a good video, such as fans and air-conditioners indoors and traffic outdoors.

These 6 Helpful Tips For Shooting Great Video will be very helpful if you try them. Use the share buttons to spread the message to friends and family.

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