Age Of Voice Search Is Already Here And Here Is Why

Age Of Voice Search Is Already Here And Here Is Why: It is likely that you have already heard about many contemporary smart devices that can be operated by using your voice. As a consequence, it is now possible to search for various subjects and items online by using voice search. What is exactly voice search and why is it becoming increasingly popular?

Well, the great news is that we can now be lazy when we want to search for something on the internet. Typing text into Google search bar is not necessary anymore, all we have to do is simply speak to a smart device and then wait for it to give us the relevant data.Voice search

To some people this may sound a little futuristic, but many companies are already investing heavily in this industry, with many products out there already offering this service.

To put it into a context,’s infographic states that in 2016, only 23.3% of millennials were using voice search. A year later, that number increased to 29.9%. Today, 35.8% of the same age group are using it on a regular basis. If this trend continues, we should expect to see a huge rise in the use of voice search in the years to come. As of this moment, between 20% and 35% of queries conducted on mobile devices are voice searches.

We know that not all new technological developments actually end up catching on in the long run, but if we take a look at the figures, things are certainly starting to look interesting.

The likes of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Samsung are the biggest players in this industry. In addition to computers and smartphones, these companies have been working on software to further develop home assistants. They allow us to do a lot more than conduct a simple online search.

A recent NPR study shows that 65% of people who currently own an Amazon Echo or Google Home system simply cannot imagine life without their smart speaker.

Voice search is already changing how we live our everyday lives, and in the future, it is looking likely that it will be even more disruptive.

You can find out more about voice search and its role in our world today by checking out the infographic below.

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