Choosing an Android Auto Head Unit: Essential Considerations

An Android auto head unit is one of the best ways to update the form and function of your car without punching holes in the wallet. There are high-end options that are quite expensive, but there are also many options that are budget-friendly.

What brand or model can provide the best value for the money? Read on and we’ll let you know some factors to take into account to make the right decision.Android Auto Head Unit


One of the first considerations would be the appearance of the auto head unit. It will be a focal point in the dashboard, so you have to make sure that it looks good. It should have a design that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the car.


When it comes to Android auto head units, take note that there is no one size fits all approach. Therefore, when evaluating the possibilities, you need to consider the size of the original head unit that you are replacing.

The opening in the dash will let you know what size can easily fit in the original position.


You will be looking at the head unit often, especially for navigation. The screen should be bright enough whether it is day or night.

The color should pop out, making the display crisp and vivid. Check the technical specifications of the product and look at the display resolution to evaluate its quality.


It is also important that you look at the connectivity options that are offered by the head unit, which will make it easy to maximize its functionality.

Some models offer USB connections while the higher-end models offer wireless connectivity, often through Bluetooth. There are also some models that will allow you to connect to online radio applications for a good listening experience when you are driving.

Ease of Use

We all hate complications, right? This is true even in the case of an Android auto head unit. Choose one that will be effortless for you to operate. The manufacturer should provide comprehensive instructions on how you can use the product.

It should be easy for you to make sense of its functions and to input a specific command. The buttons should also be strategically-positioned and it will be good if it comes with touchscreen functionality.


To be able to make the most out of the head unit, it will also be good if it comes with a built-in GPS, which is common in the more expensive options.

With the GPS, it will be easy for you to get from one point to another since you will be given turn by turn directions and you will know the fastest route to take. No more need to use your phone for navigation!


Take note that not all Android auto head units are compatible with all Android phones . You have to see the technical details of the product to be sure that it will work on your smartphone. In some cases, all that you have to do is to update your phone’s software.


Before you start shopping, you also need to have a fixed budget in mind and avoid going overboard. Avoid choosing one product only because it comes at a cheap price.

You should not hesitate to spend more if this means that you will be able to enjoy a product that delivers superior quality and performance.


At the end of the day, if you cannot still decide on the Android auto head unit to buy, you can always rely on what other people have to say. Go online to search for some of the top picks that are available on the market.

Ask around or read reviews from actual users of the auto head unit. With the experiences they are sharing, it will be easier for you to weigh the pros and cons of the possibilities.

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