Apple announces iPadOS 15 with homescreen and multitasking improvements

Apple announces iPadOS 15 with homescreen and multitasking improvements

 iPadOS 15: Apple is releasing the new version of iPadOS today, just weeks after introducing its most powerful iPad Pro devices ever, with a clear focus on making Apple’s tablets more capable productivity computers. At least, if you find yourself frequently employing split-screen mode. Aside from that, the platform hasn’t seen any significant adjustments.

iPadOS 15 will, as expected, make the homescreen more customisable and allow for more flexible widget arrangement. You may now place them wherever you like, thanks to a feature introduced in iOS 14 last year. Despite the tablet’s large screen size, iPadOS 14 didn’t have the same capability, and widgets could only be placed in the Today View sidebar.

The App Library will be available for iPadOS as well. It will enable you keep a less cluttered homescreen by filing away the apps you rarely use to an automatically organized area of folders, just as on the iPhone. The App Library is found in the dock on iPads.

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Multitasking is undergoing some much-needed improvements as well. Apple also revealed a “shelf” feature that makes it easier to combine separate jobs, and new icons will make it easy to shift into split-view mode. It’s a substantial departure from how multitasking works on iPadOS now, and it appears to be a substantial improvement.

QuickNote is a new iPadOS feature that allows you to attach notes to websites and other places of the operating system, making them easier to find.

Finally, the iPadOS version of the standalone Translate app is now available.


Many of the new features and experiences coming to iOS 15 will also be available on iPadOS 15. FaceTime calls will now include spatial audio for a more authentic, lifelike sound. A voice isolation feature allows you to filter through background noise, and a “broad spectrum” option allows you to pick up more sound than previously. FaceTime will also get portrait mode, which will result in a blurred background that keeps the focus on your face.

Apple is releasing a new SharePlay feature for FaceTime that lets users to share media — such as music, movies, and photos with others during a group conversation. SharePlay will take advantage of iOS capabilities like picture-in-picture, iMessage, and more to provide a consistent experience across many devices.

The latest iPad software update contains new features to help you focus, such as easier-to-identify notifications and a “notification summary” area that summarizes your non-essential alerts. You may also segregate professional and personal alerts by customizing which messages you view at different times of the day. Apple’s focus preferences are synchronized across all of their devices.

Memories in the Photos app may now be synced with music files, with automatic filters and effects added based on the mood of the song, and Spotlight search has been enhanced. Live Text is a function that lets you select text from photographs you’ve shot and those in your camera roll using on-device intelligence. It is available in seven different languages.


In terms of raw performance, the M1-powered iPad Pros are on par with Apple’s latest iMac, MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. Their debut has only spurred calls for Apple to develop iPadOS into a framework that can fully utilize all of that capability for people looking to use the tablets as laptop replacements. Using an iPad is a wonderful experience, but it can quickly become irritating when you run across software constraints.

pro-caliber apps like Final Cut and Logic making their way to the iPad were also on several users’ pre-WWDC wishlists. Many of these desires were not addressed in Apple’s talk today. The ability to design and ship apps with Swift Playgrounds was the most “pro” feature disclosed. So, as iPadOS 15 reaches beta in the coming weeks, we’ll have to wait and see what more enhancements and surprises await us.

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