Apple introduces Siri for third-party devices

Apple introduces Siri for third-party devices

Siri is now available on third-party devices. HomeKit accessory producers will be able to add Siri voice control into their goods later this year, according to Apple’s WWDC address. If the devices are linked to your network, the voice assistant will be directed through a HomePod.

Apple hasn’t announced a complete list of products and companies that will work with Siri. During its WWDC keynote talk, the company demonstrated it on an Ecobee thermostat. It also announced that iOS 15 will include support for Matter, a new interoperability standard that has large names like Amazon, Google, and Samsung on board.

A number of smaller smart home capabilities were also introduced by Apple. Home Keys, as well as work keys and hotel keys, are coming to the Wallet app, allowing you to remotely lock and unlock doors simply tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Later this year, the HomePod Mini will support lossless audio in Apple Music and will be able to serve as a speaker for the Apple TV 4K. (as does the discontinued full-size HomePod). The HomePod Mini will also be available in several countries this month, including Austria, Ireland, and New Zealand, as well as Italy at the end of the year, according to Apple.

HomePods now support Apple TV commands (so you can ask Siri to play shows), and Apple TV also supports SharePlay, allowing you to watch shows simultaneously with friends over FaceTime.

When it comes to Apple TV, tvOS now has a “Share with You” row where friends may contact each other to share shows. Another new row, “For All Of You,” is designed to help families find series to watch together by curating recommendations based on each user’s viewing history.

The Apple Watch now supports the HomePod’s intercom functionality, allowing you to talk to HomeKit-enabled doorbells and access package detection from the palm of your hand. In camera view, you’ll be able to manage neighboring HomeKit accessories.

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