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AWS is an acronym for Amazon Web Services. The AWS console was designed as a management console for web applications. It is used to manage Amazon Web Services. It comes with an array of services which a user can choose from such as information related to an Amazon account, like billing.

This console was designed with an inbuilt user interface, which allows it work with Amazon S3 buckets, launch and connect to Amazon EC2 instances, set Amazon CloudWatch alarms, and others. It is supported by Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.AWS Console account

AWS Console Account Features

  • You can create shortcuts to the services you mostly visit using the console to make the service more personal.
  • The group feature allows viewing collections of resources that share common tags.
  • The Tag Editor feature allows users to easily manage tags for all resource types, that supports tags in any region. You can add tag keys and values to multiple resources all at once. It also allows for global tag search which makes it easy to find all resources with a particular tag and bulk editing makes it possible for tags to be changed across multiple resources.

These features are in no way exhaustive and more can be found using the service.

AWS Console Account Benefits

Using the AWS Console gives the following outlined benefits:

  • You can manage cloud computing, cloud storage as well as other resources running on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, with Console conveniently without complicated set up instructions.
  • The AWS resources are: Elastic compute cloud, Amazon simple storage service, Elastic load balancing, Amazon Relational database service and AWS Identity and access management.
  • You can monitor monthly spending by changing your account settings.
  • You can monitor deployed and new applications.
  • You can easily adapt to the cloud by taking of the educational resources, wizards and workflows that are provided by AWS console.
  • Use the Console to drag and drop services links for a personalized view.
  • You have the access to view, and aa well as group resources and applications which share tags, and thereafter you can use the Tag Editor feature to quickly make adjustments across an entire resource group.
  • The AWS mobile app os available for mobile device usera and they can use it to perform all operations.
  • The Console gives you the ability to compute, store in large database, deliver content as well as other services, to al tolow you build sophisticated applications that are flexible, scalable and reliable.

Enjoy the best of cloud services by engaging the Amazon Website Service Console.

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