Best Portable Gaming Monitor – Hori Review

Best Portable Gaming Monitor – Hori Review: Searching for a portable gaming monitor to take with you during your trips? Today, we will review one of the most popular and best portable gaming monitors in the market.

Every gamer has his or her own setup. While everyone enjoys just chilling at home and playing video games, some people travel a lot or need a separate monitor for tournaments. That is where a portable gaming monitor comes in handy. One of the most known ones in the market is the Hori PortableBest Portable Gaming Monitor – Hori Review

Gaming Monitor and today, we will go into the details of the product.

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Design & Features

One of the most important parts of a portable gaming monitor is its compactness. Hori’s portable monitor weighs around 3 pounds and has a 15.6-inch display with a length of 194mm and width of 345mm.

So, it is not heavy and small enough to fit into most backpacks. The monitor also comes with its own leather cover that adds nothing to the weight at all and can be used as a stand when folded. On portability, this portable monitor is excellent.

The portable monitor has 2 HDMI inputs and surprisingly, 2 headphone jacks as well. Since a lot of people play fighting games often on portable monitors, Hori decided to put 2 headphone jacks so two players can connect 2 headsets at the same time.

If you do not own earphones, though, do not worry as Hori’s portable monitor also has its own built-in speakers, which is something we do not often see in a portable gaming monitor. The audio quality of the speakers is low-quality, but it is something we have to sacrifice for the sake of transposability.


Hori’s gaming monitor has a 768p (1366 x 768) screen, which is just a little bit above the average for these kinds of products. It certainly would have been amazing if it had a 1080p display, but the pixel density is still good with 768p since it has a rather small screen of 15.6 inches.

Another admirable feat of the Hori Universal HD Gaming Monitor is its low input lag. The lag between giving a command and seeing its effects on the screen is something portable gaming monitors suffered for quite some time, but Hori’s monitor is almost instantaneous with its input lag.

However, its viewing angles suffer a lot. Even just a little bit of a deviation from the direct in front of the screen can cause the colors to blur out, so if you are playing with someone else, you two will need to sit really close to each other.

Image Quality & Compatibility

Hori is compatible with the most gaming consoles out there, being PS4 , PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It cannot be used with a charged battery, so you always need to keep it plugged in, which can be a minor inconvenience for some people. Thankfully, it comes with its own AC adapter and a short HDMI cable.

The image quality of a portable gaming monitor should be least of your troubles since it is usually one the main features we sacrifice a little bit for the sake of portability. But Hori Portable Gaming Monitor performs truly above the average and colors look a lot more accurate and livelier than most other products out there.


Whether you are a tournament arranger for a local tournament, travel a lot or need another display for the gaming night over your friend’s, Hori Universal HD Gaming Monitor is a good enough monitor to satisfy your needs. Though its viewing angles and default audio quality suffer a bit, it is compact, cheap and has most of the features you need.


+ Lightweight and portable

+ 2 headphone jacks

+ Good color quality

+ Affordable

+ Built-in speakers


– Low audio quality from speakers

– Poor viewing angles

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