Tired Of Cabin Noise In Your Car? Then Read This

Tired Of Cabin Noise In Your Car? Then Read This

Your Car, Your Sanctuary

Unless and until you are someone who drives a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, then it goes without saying that cabin noise is definitely something that you will face with your automobile no matter what.

It’s pretty astonishing how car companies are investing and coming up with advanced and modern technology to improve their cars. Yet, a simple thing like cabin noise still isn’t fixed. Cabin noise is something that is immensely irritating and will surely ruin your ride.cabin noise

And Also Your Sound System:

Growing up when we had our first car, almost all of us can admit the guilty pleasure of putting in huge subwoofers and a sound system to pump up those songs.

And for some of us, listening to good music is always a must while being inside our cars. Sadly, when there is cabin noise, the sound system often comes of no use.


Before you go on jumping to solutions and how you can solve the cabin noise problem, it is very crucial to identify where the noise is actually coming from. Let’s take a look at some of the areas.

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Car engines are a huge transmitter of noise, especially if you have a car with a bigger engine, then you will surely be able to hear the pops and crackles from the cabin.

Luckily, with more environment-friendly government regulations and standards, more and more small engined and hybrid cars are being used. Such cars will not only help you to get a sound free cabin but is also great for the environment as well.


Be it noise coming from the engine or whatever, the only possible way you can get a nice and quiet cabin is through car soundproofing.

The mere topic of soundproofing stretches very far and is a broad topic. However, car soundproofing is something very simple. And with just by using a few materials and tools, you will be able to do it without needing any specialized help.

If you have identified that engine noise is penetrating through your cabin, then what you will need to do is get some Fatmat soundproofing material.

The Fatmat Self-Adhesive RattleTrap Sound Deadener Bulk Pack is something that will help you to get a quieter cabin. These materials have a nominal thickness of around 80 mils, and that gives them the ability to absorb all sorts of noise that it faces, and engine noise is no exception.

You do not have to worry about using them on the hood of your car because they are certified for automobile use . Installing them won’t be a problem at all because they are self-adhesive and will also come with an installation kit as well. So you are good to go.


We all love putting the pedal down on broad highways and country roads. The sheer excitement of empty and twisty roads is just amazing.

However, at high speeds, wind noise will enter through your windows and ruin the serene environment inside your car. And you can’t just slow down on such roads, can you? The solution to this would be to get laminated windows on your car.

Laminated windows consist of layered glass where the additional plastic material provides an extra sound barrier. Most car manufacturers today are providing laminated windows as standard options, however, if not then we would suggest you add it. It won’t cost you a fortune for the service that they will provide.


There are multiple different parts and components that make your car run smoothly on a daily basis. As a result, it is very common for it all to make noise and slide through the floor of your car.

However, there is a very easy solution to this as well. What you can do is put some extra layers of thick carpet under the usual carpet of the car, and that would pretty much be able to absorb all sorts of unnecessary noise from entering through the cabin. However, if you want the best possible solution, then you can use FatMats under the car carpet as well. It will surely work.


The main reason why most people think that car sound deadening is very complicated and all is mainly because when they start researching about it, the first thing that they see is “how to soundproof a car door”.

As easy as soundproofing might be, it goes without saying that disassembling the doors and all is a huge hassle and will surely make you do the extra labor.

Nonetheless, if you are determined and really do want to approach the process, then you surely can. Be sure to thoroughly check the instructions and tutorials first and also have someone to help you with it all.


A good sound system will give you a very good music experience and spread good vibes all around. However, getting a high quality and loud sound system will also be able to diminish the cabin noise as well. No matter where it’s coming from. The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure is one hell of a beast and will surely help you in this case. It also comes at a very good price as well.


If you are someone who is new to this and you haven’t used or tried soundproofing before, then it goes without saying that you will surely have lots of questions on your mind surrounding it.

Feel free to ask all soundproofing questions to us. We will try our best to respond. Nonetheless, the most common question regarding soundproofing that we get is that if it really works or not. And there is only one answer to that.

Yes, it does work. However, that does not necessarily mean that it will work like magic and all. You would have to be precise and use soundproofing materials according to the ideal situation. If you follow the right steps then you will be very good to go.


The internet is a dark place, and every day many people are being deceived through fraudulent businesses. The soundproofing market is no less.

If you do your bit of research on the internet, then you will find multiple different businesses selling soundproofing solutions and what not. We are not saying that they do not do their job well or anything.

However, the insane price tag they charge is just baseless. Whatever they do can be done at home by yourself just by using the right methods and materials, that too at a very cheap rate. So we would definitely suggest you do soundproofing yourself, no matter what type of soundproofing it might be.

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