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Create an eBay Account: eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California. The American company promotes consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales online. eBay was founded by a French man, Pierre Omidyar, in 1995.

The site is free for buying but selling attracts fees for listing items after exhausting the limited number allowed for free listing. There is another charge after those items are sold successfully.Create ebay account

Benefits Of An eBay Account

  • Selling Manager– This is an eBay software that replaces the selling page and easy to use.
  • Free Picture Pack – This allows users to zoom pictures after each listing without extra charge.
  • Discounted Fees– Price insertion fee is discounted for users.
  • Fifteen custom pages
  • Web Address – Personal store for users generates its own Internet address (URL) and this way users can direct buyers directly to their store.
  • Promotion Boxes– The top of the users’ store can be used to advertise special products.
  • Three hundred store categories.
  • Custom Store Header – Users can customize their own brands by designing attractive headers.
  • Markdown Manager – This allows users to hold a sale in their store and generally assume roles of managers that give them provision to select items for discounts and offer discounted pricing for periods of time.
  • Vacation Hold– Users can use this feature to make listing temporarily unavailable to customers when they are out of town or not readily available for business.
  • Off – eBay Email Marketing- Mails can be sent to prospective buyers off eBay.
  • Listing Feeds– It allows users to distribute listings automatically to buyers, link them to search engines and comparisons on other shopping sites by using online feeds.
  • Downloadable Promotional Flyers – It offers predesigned downloadable templates for store owners to use in their store set up. They are available for printing.
  • Search Engine Keyword Management – Users can customize search engine keywords in the “Manage My store” option to improve personal store’s page ranking in the search engines to which eBay feeds.
  • Traffic Reports – eBay store traffic report helps to track the reach of products listings.

Steps To Create An eBay Account

Take the easy steps outlined below to create an ebay account.

  • Visit the home page of eBay: ebay.com
  • Tap on the “Register“ option on the top left of the page.
  • Fill out the information needed such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address.
  • Create a complex password using alphabets, alphanumeric and special characters.
  • Confirm the chosen password.
  • Agree after reading the User Agreement and privacy policy by tapping on the “Submit” button below the information page.
  • A User ID for eBay will be sent to the email provided.

The account is set up and ready to be used each time it is needed.

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