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Create Reddit Account – Reddit is an American website that engages in social news aggregation, Web rating and discussion. Registered members of the site make submissions in various forms from links to text posts and images, and then they are voted either up or down by other members.

On Reddit, posts are organised by subject into something called “Subreddit” which are basically boards created by users which cover a wide range of topics including news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing.Create Reddit Account

Most voted submissions appear on top of their subreddit and stand a chance of appearing on the site’s front page if the votes increase.

Reddit is a fusion of the term “read” (past tense) and “it”.

Features Of Reddit Account

The following are the features of Reddit account:

  • Accounts – Account switcher, Show comment karma, Username Hider.
  • Comments – comment Navigator, Hide all Child comments, Live comment preview, New comment count, save comments, show parent on Hover.
  • Filters – fliteReddit, spam button, subreddit Tagger
  • User Interface – bettReddit, online image viewer, keyboard Navigation, Never ending Reddit, RES Dashboard, single click opener, style Tweaks, Subreddit Manager,
  • Users – User Highlinder, User Tagger

These are commonly used acronyms on the platform that a new user needs to understand to be better able to interact with other users:

  • ELI5 – Explain like I’m 5
  • TLDR or TL:DR – Too Long; didn’t read
  • NSFW – Not safe for work
  • TIL – Today I Learned
  • OP – Original Poster
  • ANA – Ask me anything

Benefit Of Reddit  Account

Why own a Reddit account? The following are reasons why a Reddit account is needed:

  • Users are allowed to share information on the site and reach other multitudes of users.
  • Users key into useful conversations that are valuable.
  • Users can purchase a sponsored post ad that will pin their content to the selected support subreddit. This increases the contents reach to a wider audience so that it is visible to everyone who visits the particular platform.
  • Display ads that help users to have the right to upvote and downvote displayed ads.
  • Users create a community of like-minded individuals who are allowed to connect and have discussions with others with the same interest. They also use interviews to Interact and gives an avenue to be heard.
  • Users create a network with others that help them strategize and push their interests to newer heights.

How To Create a Reddit Account

Steps to be taken to create a Reddit account are listed out below:

Reddit on mobile

  • Visit the App Store or Play Store to download the Reddit application.
  • Tap on the “Create an account” option.
  • Enter your email, a username and a password.
  • Tap on create account when you are done and sure of the information provided.
  • Tap on “create post” to make your first post and pick the type of post you’d like to submit as the options would show; Link, image, video, and text.
  • Pick a community that you are interested in, write your title, and insert your content in the post space. Only tap the post button when you are satisfied with what you have done and it will be put up on the site.

Reddit on Computer

  • Go to the Reddit website:
  • Click on “Login” found on the top right corner of the Reddit page.
  • Choose username ID, password and verify password and fill this information out in the spaces provided.
  • Click on the “Create account” button when done.
  • Look in the top right corner of Reddit to confirm that you have been signed up.

Enjoy the discussions that keep you focused on your interests and learn more with the Reddit platform.

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