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Facebook Ads Cost: The World is full of competitions in the advertisement field. Business keeps looking for ways to provide customers with proper and adequate information. Traditional methods of advertisement may not be very effective in today’s internet world and many are turning to Facebook for solutions.

These ads have a wide reach and you can connect your business to some of the over 2 billion Facebook users worldwide. These ads are distributed based on their location, age, gender, interest and more and give your business the latest news, advertising tips.Facebook Ads Cost

 Benefits Of Creating A Facebook Ads

  • Facebook ads will help you reach a target audiences instead of just being like seeds cast in the wind.
  • Facebook ads are important if you want your business to reach customers as having a page for it is no longer enough. Facebook has started to reduce the showing of business pages on people’s timelines.
  • Facebook ads help to increase your SEO rankings and allow your ads to appear in searches.
  • It will help your business break into new markets and stand a chance to bloom.
  • Facebook ads give you a level playing ground with other larger businesses.
  • Facebook ads are affordable no matter your pocket size.
  • It is a cost-effective advertising investment and returns for the money is guaranteed.
  • Facebook ads allow access to customers emails (if made public) and this can create an opportunity for off-line sales.

 How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

An ad can be run on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network on any size of the budget. The cost of ads that are being shown to users depending something referred to as “ads auction”.

 How Does Pricing Work for Facebook Ads?

This feature allows you to tell Facebook how much you are willing to spend on advertising, then the network tries to give output within your budget. Facebook ads have different budgets such as daily budget, lifetime budget, Minimum budget, Budgeting for client insertion orders.

Your budget is within your control and can be achieved by bid strategies, that is, setting limits to your campaign and also set limits to your Account by setting the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on a given ad.

 What You Get From Facebook Ads

There are two basic results that Facebook ads give:

The ability to reach a large number of individuals and also different types of users online

Based on the type of ad you choose on your page or the optimization event choice you make in when creating the ad, Facebook helps give an outcome you expect from as many people as possible.

Where To Buy Facebook Ads

There are two avenues for buying Facebook ads:

 Your Page. This is the easiest way to buy ads but lacks some of the customization options provided by Ads manager. It can be accessed from a mobile device, a computer or the ‘Pages Manager’ app

Ads Manager. This medium guides you through the creation of an ad campaign. It is also available on the mobile app and on computers.

 Facebook Ads Buy types

There are three buying types:

Auction– This allows one to bid to reach their target audience for the lowest possible price or a consistent target amount.

Reach & frequency – This enables one to pay a fixed price to predictably reach their desired target audience. It is not available to all advertiser and only open to those that want to reach an audience of a minimum of 200,000 people.

Targeting Rating Points – This medium allows advertisers conversant with TV campaigns to plan and buy video campaign using Nielsen – verified  Target Rating Points (TRPs) on Facebook and Instagram.

 How can I Pay for Facebook ads?

During the process of page creation, you would be required to add a payment method to your account. Your payment method is what you will use to pay for ads. Various payments methods are open to users which includes; credit cards and debit cards, PayPal, online banking, or (direct debit), and other local payment methods.

 Facebook Advertising Cost Types

  • Cost Per Click – this incurs charges for every click their ad receives.
  • Cost per Mile – this incurs charges when their Ad receives 1,000 clicks.
  • CPV – this incurs charges for every view their video receives.
  • Cost per Action –this incurs charges when users take an action such as an App install.
  • Cost per Like – this incurs charges when their Ad yields a page Like.

Average Cost Per Click – the average cost per click on Facebook is $1.86 according to data from the Wordstream Facebook’s data. This is the lowest cost per click available on any social media platform.

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