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Facebook Marketing Strategy: Marketing trends keep on changing regularly, giving better avenues to better market your brand, profile, and business on Facebook.

Facebook social media platform since it was created in 2004, has released some marketing trends that have increasingly affected how digital marketers operate and succeed on the Facebook media platform. In the proceeding part, we will look at some Facebook Marketing trends to employ in 2018.facebook marketing strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Video – Facebook Marketing

Using video has become a vital part of Facebook marketing in 2018, with various studies and statistics revealing that video is still the most important form of content.

It has been gathered statistically that the amount of Facebook videos consumed by users stands at 135%, giving it a wider reach than photos. This implies that marketers can take advantage of this feature by adding Facebook video to their digital marketing plan in 2018.

Facebook Live – Facebook Marketing

At 178% rate of consumption, it can be seen that the average Facebook live posts is higher than the average post engagement in terms of engagement.

The following benefits come with the Facebook Live marketing feature;

  • Users can create a Facebook event.
  • Engage in social shares.
  • Recap is also available for followers.
  • AR/VR options.

The Camera Effects Platform and Facebook Spaces is constantly being upgraded to lead to a whole new world of interactions. It has been admitted by the owner of Facebook that what phone cameras are currently doing are just primitive versions of what the AR experiences will eventually be.

There are three key aspects of Facebook’s new AR platform;

  • Precise location: these are the places varying imagery in the camera’s viewfinder
  • 3D effects: The 3D effects platform is designed to help build out 3D environments while using a 2D photo.
  • Object recognition: With this new feature,  users can use real-time visuals to have new forms of engagements with images.

Facebook Spaces – Facebook Marketing

Facebook spaces allow users to interact with friends (as avatars) in virtual reality. It can create an environment where friends can hook up, like they are physically close when they are not. Facebook spaces also allow users to share various forms of media directly to each other live.

Marketers stand a chance to benefit from Facebook spaces, through the product information it offers, with the opportunity for users pointing to virtually anything, and have all manner of information pop up. The Facebook spaces platform is based on the 360-degree content.


GIFs do not require the same amount of investment that is given to videos, carousel and lead ads. However, existing video assets can be repurposed as Facebook GIF ads, to enable it to win on repeat.

There is currently over a 100 million Giphy user sending 1 billion GIFs each day, GIFs marketing tool is an important marketing tool that marketers need to learn.

Press and hold videos

With the Press and hold videos feature you can interact with audiences in live right on their Newsfeed. Marketers can employ this feature to surprise their customers with interesting content because the format is still new.

360 Photos/Videos

Using the 360-degree cameras feature provides brands with tools that allow them to tell stories from new vantage points.

You can watch shows from all vantage points, instead of just viewing them from one point of view it allows you to watch them like you were present.


Chatbots currently has 100,000 monthly active bots on Messenger. This feature provides an instant connection between brands and customers.

It offers very good customer service services that is based on basic queries and issues and provides automated interaction which drive sales and keeps customers loyal.

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