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Facebook Password Recovery: It can be alarming as well as frustrating to find that it is not possible to access your account either because a hacker has tampered with it or due to imperfection you forget your password. But don’t worry; it is possible to recover your passwords with just a few steps.

First, let us look at why it is important that this feature is made available.Facebook Password Recovery

Importance of Facebook Password

  • It is a safety precaution that is put in place to protect you from identity theft that is what scammers and hackers are after.
  • It will keep your confidential contents exclusively for your viewing alone and keep out unauthorized users from accessing these.
  • Your Facebook access is like a key to a safe and you can use your account at any time with it.

Possessing the password helps you to be in control of your account. It gives a sense of security to users.

Difficulty Login into Facebook

The major two reasons why users may find it difficult to access their accounts on the Facebook network is either because they cannot recollect their passwords or because their account has been hacked. This may lead to users trying to recover their passwords.

Facebook provides users with several automated ways, with which they can recover their lost passwords. These steps are highlighted in the next segment.

Recover Facebook Password

Login into your account like you normally do, this is to ensure that the problem is not from your email or from the phone number that you are trying to use. After verifying this, tap on the “Forgot your password” icon found at the bottom of the page.

You will be asked a question that reads thus: “How would you like to recover your password?”

Select a recovery option from the ones given. In any case, when you use Yahoo, Gmail or a Live account, as your Facebook email, you can use your Facebook password for your email account.

On the window that comes up, tap on “Continue” link to enable Facebook to open your email account and gather your contacts and recover your Facebook password.

More Steps on Facebook Password Recovery

The ideal choice of option is to log into your email account because it can be easily accessed by you to help recover your password.

The Facebook password is now reset and with the password, you use for your email account you can open your Facebook account.

After recovering your password you may choose to reset it and continue to use it to enjoy all the benefits associated with the Facebook network.

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