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Facebook Password Tips. Facebook password is like a key needed to access and protect your Facebook account. Each time a user tries to login his/her account, this key is needed, ensuring that the account can be accessed only with knowledge of the password. The password gives the user the sole permission to operate the account from any type of device and in any location with access to the internet.

Since it has been stated that the Facebook password is the only key to opening an account, it shows it’s importance and makes it clear that the knowledge of this password by any other person will grant them access to use the account without the original owner’s permission.Facebook Password Tips

Facebook Password Benefits

The password is beneficial when using a Facebook account because:

  • It acts as a security system to your account.
  • It keeps information safe from unauthorised users.
  • It allows you to use the account when you want to.
  • It keeps hackers out of your account.
  • It ensures that sensitive and private information like messages are safe from others.
  • It secures business pages ensuring only the right contents appear there thereby protecting the business’ reputation.

Generally, the password helps you stay in charge of all that happens to your account and your activities on the Facebook platform.

The next part shows a few basic rules on how to set up a Facebook password and some pitfalls to avoid.

Facebook Password Tips

The following are rules that must be followed while setting up a password for your Facebook account, these rules are in place to help create a strong password.

  • A Facebook password should be complex and not easy to guess. In order to do this, it is advised that the password includes either alphanumeric characters or special characters or even a combination of both. Each password has to be between the range of eight to fifteen characters. The more complex the password the longer it will be and the harder to guess as well.
  • Common and single dictionary words are not allowed because these can be easily guessed and thus expose the account to hackers and mischief makers. Everyday words are not advised as well as names of popular people.

More on Facebook Password Tips

  • Since the password is to be complex, it is important to use memory techniques that helps to remember them. A hint can be created to help remember the password. Also, password managers can be used to keep the password safe as it would be encrypted and uploaded to cloud and readily accessible to the account to which it has been synched.
  • It is also advised to change passwords periodically to avoid it been compromised because there are many ways hackers try to break the security of accounts but when you keep changing the password it becomes more difficult.

These tips are vital to enjoying a Facebook account that will be safe from hacking and compromise.

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