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Facebook security features are very important because it helps users identify threats and stay on guard against unauthorized attempts to get private data. It is designed to fortify accounts, products, and designs against sabotaging.

The Facebook security is used by the Facebook network to list every email it has “recently” sent to users within the settings menu on the website.secure facebook login

Facebook Security Features

Before you detect them the Facebook Security feature uses a combination of automated and manual systems to detect scams,  .

To ensure messages are truly from the Facebook network and not from scammers,  users can check all the messages Facebook has sent by viewing the new “see recent emails from Facebook” section in the security and login page.

Facebook security systems work around the clock and does not go off at anytime. The security systems are in constant search for threats to your account’s privacy and when found, eliminate them with you knowledge.

It makes use of very strong encryptions, to ensure your communications are protected.

There are varieties of easy-to-use security tools provided by the Facebook security to help you improve security on your Facebook account.

It can be used to protect your information both on and off the Facebook network.

Below are some of the security measures used by Facebook security to keep your account safe.

Account Deactivation & Deletion

The Facebook security gives you instructions on how to deactivate or delete your Facebook account, without leaking your private information.


You can use the feature to create a more secure password, that you can easily remember but that will be difficult for hackers to guess.

Hacked Accounts

It gives useful tips on what steps to quickly take if you discover your account has been hacked.

Logging Out

If you are making use of a public system, you can get tops on when it is wise for you to log out of your account to prevent it from being penetrated by unauthorized users.

Unfriending & Blocking

If you are having a problem being harassed by another user, you can easily use the feature of security to stop them.


It tells you what to do if you receive a message that looks suspicious.


Be at alert, with FB security, and look out for attempts, to steal your account and password information

How You’re Protected

You are kept updated about what Facebook does to keep your information safe and remain private.

Information Requests

You get information on how the Facebook network deals with requests for user’s information by governments.

Login Alerts

You are immediately alerted when someone tries to log into your account.

Two Authentication Factor

This feature can be used to keep others, from accessing your account.

The Facebook Security is very important to prevent unauthorized access to your account and thus your informations and every user should learn more about it to help keep their accounts safe.

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