Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling Download & Setup

Facebook Video Calling: The wealth of emotions that can be shared through video calls cannot be achieved via voice calls alone. Facebook video calling is one of the foremost video call services currently available to people.

With this video call means provided by the Facebook network, distance is not a barrier to see loved ones and conversing with them to show that you care about them.Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling Features

The video calls made on Facebook have the following advantages:

  • Calls can be placed directly to friends through Facebook.
  • There is no additional software needed to achieve the Facebook video calling, all that is needed are just a few taps and the recipients can see you as you see them as well.
  • Even without the recipient being online, a video message can be left for them.
  • Skype has initiated a free Facebook video call.

The video calling needs no complicated method of setup, no external software and it’s services is linked to the Facebook normal interface. It is easy to use and after a few tries users quickly become adept at using it to chat with friends and families.

It readily works on personal computers and can be accessed by visiting the Messenger website: messenger.com or by downloading Messenger to your computer.

Mobile devices like; iOS, Android, Windows phone, and BlackBerry are supported by the service.

Facebook Video Calling Setup

To start a Facebook video call, the outlined easy steps are there to guide you.

  • First, you begin by logging into Facebook using your personal account and not a business account unless it is for official use.
  • Search for the needed contact by navigating through the right-hand side of Facebook that shows those online with the green icon beside their names. You can also notify others by tapping on “Turn on Chat”.
  • Tap on the video icon at the top of the chat window to start the video call. This is all that is needed to set the chat up.

Additional Steps for starting a Facebook Video Chat includes:

  • Finding the gear icon on a friend’s timeline, and after tapping on it, choose “Video Call”.
  • The “Set Up” icon can be selected to begin the set-up process.
  • The window that will appear will have a “Run” button, click on it and grant Facebook access to your computer files. This works on file downloads that install the program for Facebook Video calling.
  • Watch the progress bar and after it gets filled, the video chat can commence on the computer.

The Facebook video calling allows you to see all the expressions loved ones to give and allow them to see yours too as both of you enjoy the calls.

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