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Google AdWords Express is a platform that can be used to set up online ads as quick as in 15 minutes. Google AdWords is made easy to use because Google does most of the work.

lt keeps an eye on the ad even when you are not online and you can use it to check stats and view performance reports, all from your phone or tablet.Google Adwords Express

Benefits Of Google AdWords Express

  • Google AdWords Express offers online advertising for all businesses (new and old) looking for an increase to their site traffic and also getting more transactions on their website both locally or globally. It is an ideal platform for a one-person marketing team.
  • Google AdWords Express also helps manage your business where your ads appear on Google and also to set up your Google account.
  • With Google AdWords there are no keywords to choose, online marketing strategies needed and ongoing maintenance, making one spend less time on advertising and more time with your customers.
  • Google AdWords express is so unique that they help you talk about your business; with simple write-ups of three lines of words, they will create your ad and automatically show it to people searching for what you offer.
  • Google AdWords Express will make your business stand out of the numerous others on the web. Many people seeking online knowledge before visiting a business. Google AdWords ensures that the catch their attention whenever they are looking for what you can offer.
  • Google AdWords Express only charges for the result obtained, meaning you will only pay when potential customers visit your website or give you a call and you are allowed to adjust your budget at any time.

How Google AdWords Express Works

  • It helps to create your ad helping to inform people about your offer. You will choose which business category you fit in and set up a monthly budget.
  • People get to see your ad on Google when they make use of the search engine and it also shows what your business offer. Your ad can appear above or below the search results.
  • This gives you more clients. When people click on your ad, they will see either your website or your free “Google My Business” page. This allows them to contact you directly and you only pay when any of these happens.

Google AdWords Express Pricing

  • Google AdWords Express enables you to pay for only results and you are in charge of how much you spend by setting a budget.
  • After you set your budget you can still make adjustments and stop or change your ads at any time.
  • To give you an estimate on how much you should spend, Google Adwords Express thereby recommends a budget based on your business category and location when you sign up for AdWords Express.
  • You are allowed to view what other related businesses like yours are budgeting to give you an idea and an estimate of how many clicks per month such businesses are getting.

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