Google Fi’s built-in VPN starts iPhone rollout

Google Fi’s VPN service has begun rolling out to iPhone subscribers, according to the firm. Since November 2018, the function, which protects your privacy by routing your phone’s internet traffic through an encrypted connection, has been accessible on Android.

The debut is a touch later than Google’s previously stated “spring” release date, but it’s not far behind.

Under a follow-up tweet, Google adds that not all iPhone users will have access to the option right away, but that it will become more widely available “over the coming weeks.”

To enable the feature, make sure your Fi companion app is up to date, then go to “Phone Settings” in the main Account tab. Then go to “Privacy & Security,” where you’ll see an option to “Protect your online behavior” that you may enable. All Google Fi plans come with a free VPN.

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Google Fi’s VPN is now available on iOS, just as Apple prepares to provide a similar privacy-protecting feature as part of its iCloud Plus subscription service.

To protect your sensitive information, Apple’s version, dubbed Private Relay, transmits your online traffic through a pair of relay servers. It’s built-in such a way that not even Apple has a complete view of what you’re doing online.

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