Google Mobile Ads | Google AdMob | How Google Admob Works

Google Mobile ad or Google AdMob is a forum that can help business owners get the attention of prospective customers with ads while they are using their mobile devices.

Using Mobile advertising to reach customers while they are using it is effective because they are sure to see it. This advertising medium uses text-based search ads, graphics display ads, YouTube video ads, or in-app ads to reach customers.Google AdMob

A statistic showed that 85% of Smartphone users search for businesses close to their area before engaging them, showing that mobile advertising creates the best opportunity for you to be available with useful information for them and real-time relevance.

The Importance of Google Mobile Ads or Google Admob

  • It makes you largely visible and no matter which type of ad you choose, such ads are automatically displayed and formatted for mobile devices.
  • This ad promotes your business across the entire network with universal App Campaigns when it comes in form of mobile app and that requires no prior design experience.
  • Your business will come to life in front of new customers on YouTube when the video ads displays. Mobile ads are exclusive and unique with more than half viewers of YouTube doing so from mobile devices.
  • Your mobile ad can show up wherever your customers are and whatever means they are using to access the internet, with ads across Gmail and network of over two million websites and apps.

More On Google Mobile Ads – Google Admob

  • These ads can appear next to search results on Google when people are looking for products and services that are linked to your business on their mobile devices.
  • The mobile ads can be accessed by you on a mobile phone and you can view how many people clicked on it, visited your website or call your business.
  • It allows you to stay in control of your budget as you can adjust budget settings if you want from your device. You can even end your mobile ad campaign anytime without cancelation fees because it is not based on contract

You can ensure you are getting the best out of mobile ads by making sure your mobile ads link to a mobile-friendly site. Keep in mind that mobile screen has less space for your ad copy so you should keep important information in the first line of the ad Ms to ensure they are seen.

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