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Facebook Tag: Facebook comes with numerous features and the tagging of friends is another of them. It helps the tagged person to be aware of the post he/she is in. The tagged person will now be left with the option of liking, commenting on, sharing or doing all to the posts.

Tags can be added to anything you post from photos to videos, to write-ups, to other people’s posts and many more Facebook posts. This can be done even by using the person’s name as a link to a post that you want them to see.facebook tag

Benefits of Facebook Tag

  • A link is created in a person’s notification to the post you tagged them to and the tagged posts may appear on their Timeline.
  • Tagging a person to a post allows people who see the post to open and check the public information in the person’s profile.
  • Notifications are sent to tagged users and they are alerted about the posts.
  • When people are tagged to a post, their friends are also notified about this and they get to see the posts as well.
  • Tags on Facebook can be added to any type of updates and is not limited to just photos or videos.

How to Tag on Facebook

Facebook tags are important and allow people to get notified about posts especially when they are involved with it or know about it, tags can be executed by following the following outlined steps.

Facebook Tag on Photo

  • Open the wanted photo you wish to tag someone to, search for the “Tag Photo” icon found on the bottom and tap on it.
  • Tap on the photo (it is more effective when it is a friend’s face).
  • A drop-down box appears that shows your friends’ list and you can either find them and select then person or enter their name in a search to save time.
  • Tap on the “Done Tagging” icon when you are done tagging all your friends in the photo. You edit the tags and add location when you want.

Facebook Tag on Regular Post

  • After typing the post or if you like before typing it, type the “@” and type the letters of the friend you wish to tag without leaving a space between them.
  • After typing a few letters beside the “@” in a regular post a list of suggested people to tag will drop down and you can make your pick easily. This can also be done in the comments sections of posts.

Remember that tagging will create notifications for your friends and allow them to be seen by others so it should be done with caution. Take the steps above and share opinions, beauty and news with friends.

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