How to add wireless charging to an unsupported phone

How to add wireless charging to an unsupported phone

How to add wireless charging to an unsupported phone

You have a mobile device which is not compatible with Qi charging and you want to know exactly How to add wireless charging to an unsupported phone? Lucky you, this article should help you out with just what you need.

While ‘wireless charging’ as a term is thrown around by many manufacturers and publications alike, this can mean different things to different individuals.

When many phone users refer to wireless charging, inductive charging is indeed what they’re actually referring to. That’s because this is similar to the technology used by the Apple Watch. The Wireless Power Consortium is actually responsible for the development of Qi standard specially for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4cm.

After knowing what Qi charging is really all about, how do you charge your phone wirelessly even if it’s not compatible?

How to add wireless charging to an unsupported phone

It’s all good and indeed very well to use a Qi charging pad if you have a smartphone which is Qi-enabled, However, what of those individuals who don’t? Truly, wireless charging is not standard across the Industry of smartphones even in 2021. The awesome news is the availability of alternatives, which may not have the best looks, but should work nicely.

For iPhones which are older and have a Lightning port, i.e there is a viable (and very cheap at around £10.99/$12.99) way to make Qi charging possible. The Nillkin Qi charging receiver should make wireless charging possible on an iPhone, despite not being the best-looking accessory.

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The Android users might want to worry a little bit. However, there’s no need for that. Same goes for anyone else that uses a charging port which is micro USB or updated USB-C. A similar alternative exists for Micro-USB & USB-C devices for the same £10.99/US$12.99 just like the Lightning variant.

This is essentially a super-thin Qi charging receiver which sticks to the back of your device with the appropriate connector plugged in via a thin ribbon cable. How is done? The Qi charging receiver is placed between your case and your device with the cable permanently plugged in.

Slower speed might be a problem here, however it’s the easiest way to use if you want to add wireless charging to your smartphone.

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