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A Facebook Business Page is like a company’s official website and allows business owners (whether small or big) to let Facebook users become aware of their presence, show the service they offer or product they sell, and make a profit by commercial exchanges.

Individuals too can create pages to promote their brands and allow more people to see their opinions or work without the restriction of number of friends but this is not to be mistaken for a business page as the later is mainly for ads promotion and commerce.facebook business page

Benefits of Facebook Business Page

  • It connects owners with customers on their Facebook list who may be interested or may know someone who will be the products or services.
  • Facebook Business page, is free but there are ads that can be paid for to reach more users.
  • It will help business to boost sales and create awareness within the Facebook community.
  • Promotion of products and services is allowed in different forms like posting status updates, links, events announcements, comments, photos and videos.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

The above-discussed benefits are just a few of the major things Facebook Business Page owners can gain from owning one and if you are interested in getting one, the steps below will be of immense help.

  • A personal Facebook account is necessary and it should be logged in first.
  • Tap on the drop-down arrow icon at the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
  • A drop-down menu appears and a “Create page” option is shown, tap on this.
  • The page creation window opens and you are to enter the business information in the correct text spaces assigned for each one. Some of the information to provide are as follows:

The name for the business page.

The category the page should be placed under.

There are three different boxes for address and they are to be filled with; the street address, city/state, and zip code of your physical location. This information is vital for users to be able to find the company and do business that cannot be completed online.

A working phone number should be entered for conversations to be carried out between clients and business owners.

Photo uploads are important to create profile pictures and cover photos.

(Photos to be uploaded should be clear and attractive. It should represent the business properly as well and should either relate to it directly or be that of the owner. The recommended sizes for a cover photo is set at 828 by 315)

After successfully creating the page by completing the last step, a prompt is shown that gives the option of inviting friends to like the page. Do this will make your request to pop up in their notifications bar.

Other Business Page Settings

Although the page has been created, there are some other things that need to be done to make the page better.

  • Additional Business Details: There are still some things to be added to the page to make any visitors experience a good one, some of them are: short description, Business hours, Username, link to the website and Create a group.
  • Add a Button to Your Page: After the additional details are complete. Tap on the blue “+Add a Button” icon on the upper right-hand corner of your page to allow customers to do some certain things on the page without the need to contact you, they include:

Booking Services

Contact Us

Make a Purchase or a Donation

Learn More.

These steps are practical and ensure that a Facebook Business Plan is set up if they are followed properly. The benefits know no bounds and the reach is amazing.

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