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How To Create Google Place: Google Place is a platform that allows users to decide how they want to appear on Google search results. They can fill their Place with information that includes descriptions of their business, images of their store, hours of operation and contact information. 

All this information will be manageable on their Google Place dashboard. Having a good Google Place listing will be a great way to position their company as a trail Blazer in their business circle in a certain locality.How To Create Google Place

Benefits Of Google Place

  • Google Place allows you to get your website in front of potentially relevant and local users and serves as an effective way of creating awareness.
  • It allows you to optimize the forum and you can achieve this by filling out the necessary information, using creative and well-edited images, interacting with reviews and employing the use of keywords when creating ads.
  • It is an easy way to create ad for your audience.
  • It increases site traffic and/or sales because you are closer to customers who see the ads.

Steps To Set Up How To Create Google Place

  • Enter this website in your browser:
  • You can log in with your Gmail account
  • (if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can easily create one by going to and following the instructions given)
  • Tap on the “List Your Business” icon the right of the screen
  • You should enter your phone number and Country.
  • Tap on “Edit” if your company is automatically listed and if not, tap on “Add a new listing”.
  • Fill your business details and choose which details will appear in your Google Places page and which ones will not.
  • Additional information like your address, phone number, work hours, and a link to your website can be added. Videos and images can also be added.
  • If you verify that all information provided is correct and you submit them, Google, in order to verify them, will send a postcard to the address you gave. The postcard will contain a code that you will need to access the account the next time you try to sign in.

These are the steps necessary for owning a Google Place and now you can appear as a professional in the Google search results.

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