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Delete Facebook Account: Facebook is a great social media network and gives daily living so much spice. However, sometimes, people may choose to delete their accounts from the network. Reasons for this varied from different individuals.

Some may be tired of the exposure they get on the network and others may be ready to cut out the time required to follow trends on the network and use it for other things they view as more important.delete facebook account

There are those who need to get rid of their accounts because it constantly serves as a reminder of a trauma they want quickly forget.

Hacked account owners may want to protect their identity and their loved ones as well and don’t want impostors to wreck havoc with their names and on people they value.

How to Delete Facebook Account

Although account deletion remains a personal choice, it is important to be aware of the following things regarding it.

  • Messages that you have sent will still exist in the inbox of others even after the account has been deleted permanently.
  • Since this is like any other major decisions in life, it is advisable to think about it properly and ensure it is what you need to do to get the best out of life.
  • A space ninety days is required to fully process an account deletion requests, and this gives enough time to reflect on the decision about to be undertaken.
  • After the deletion of a Facebook account is complete it cannot be recovered.
  • A download of a copy of the data that Facebook has on a user is possible and you can download this before deleting the account because after deletion this becomes impossible.

To download a copy of the data Facebook has on you, follow this steps:

  • Tap on the arrow pointing downwards. This can be found at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the “Download” icon to get your copy of your Facebook data.
  • The data download is now complete and the next phase can be engaged in to delete the account permanently.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

  • Start entering the Facebook’s Delete Account data into your browser: (This can be copy and pasted)
  • If it is your normal device your account should be logged in automatically but in an event where it is not, log into your account by entering your email or phone along with the password.
  • A warning message comes up regarding what you are about to do, tap on the “delete my account” icon below this.
  • In the new page that opens In the text space specified, enter your password again in the new page.
  • A captcha code comes up which is basically a jumble of letters and numbers that appears in the middle of the window, enter answer into the field below the code to proceed.
  • You can choose to try another code if one is not clear by tapping on the “Try another text” or the “an audio captcha” links below the code.
  • Tap on “OK”, tab to submit your correct code.
  • A new page comes up when the correct code is successfully submitted. Tap on the “OK” icon to delete the account permanently from Facebook.

Fourteen days can be how long it takes to permanently wipe out the account and now you can enjoy your new account or in other cases, enjoy your free time.


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