How to Generate Exposure for your Real Estate Business with a Drone

How to Generate Exposure for your Real Estate Business with a Drone

If you’ve made the decision to start up your own real estate business then you’re commended. Because a new business can be challenging even for the best experts…if you haven’t mastered the promotion game.

So you’ve set-up your new business and to save costs you’re doing most of the work yourself. But, if you want to succeed at your business then you must understand that marketing is key.

How will anyone know to contact you about your Real Estate Business when they don’t even know you? And if you’re hoping to get some tips on generating awareness for your business and attracting potential clients then keep reading.Real Estate Business

Place a drone Video on Your Homepage and Social Media:

If you want to let people know about your company and the kind of work you do then you need to reach out on social media. Ideally, you should consider setting up a drone video of your buying and selling properties.

A place where people can browse available real estate and somewhere with your contact details so that they can get in touch. Having an online presence is mandatory if you want to succeed in today’s world.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Place:

You should cover your website and social media page with creative shots of available properties. Sometimes those bland front angles just don’t spark any interest. And are more likely to have people scroll down to find something better.

Some colorful and imaginative shots of a garden on a rainy day would ensure a quick sale. Or at least generate enough interest to give it a great chance.

And if you want to do something really special you can involve your client on a 3D tour of the house. By shooting drone videos for the available real estate! With plenty of live footage displaying the house from all angles, you are sure to get plenty of publicity.

Let’s Get Old-School:

In order to get one hundred percent exposure, you can’t ignore the classics. Fliers! It is always possible that you might miss clients that don’t spend much time online. If so, how do you reach them?

You print out snappy fliers that describe your company and the work you do. An important thing to keep in mind is to give people an incentive. Why should they call you and why should they even hold onto your flier?

You could offer them a free consult on their property and the flier can be their appointment token. Remember to keep the first consult free. Because if they like the way you talk business they will of course return to you. In the meantime just consider it a practice in public relations.

Everybody Loves a Party:

One last thing: don’t forget to throw a party! Don’t worry we’re not jumping the gun with a success party. No, you can turn your house showing into a mini party.

Open it up to the neighborhood around the house you’re selling. You’d be surprised by the number of people that would like to change houses but stay in the same neighborhood.

Whether you’re a big business finally stepping into the twenty-first century or a startup: follow these steps. Reach out to your clients and put your name on the web. And you will undoubtedly generate a buzz for your Real Estate Business.

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