How To Hide Apps From Your iPhone’s Home Screen Using iOS 14

How To Hide Apps From Your iPhone’s Home Screen Using iOS 14

APPS: If you’re tired of seeing so many applications on your iPhone’s home screen, you’ve certainly appreciated a new function introduced with iOS 14: the Software Library, which organizes all of your apps into different groups and shows them on a separate tab to the right of your home screens.

The Software Library not only automatically organizes your iPhone’s home pages, but it also helps you to tidy up your home screen by hiding as many items as you want. You should have the favourites in the foreground while pushing the more utilitarian or infrequently used applications to the side.

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There are some methods for organizing the new applications by hiding several of them. Specific apps can be removed from the home screen, an entire screen of apps can be hidden, or multiple apps can be organized into a folder.


Person applications can be hidden using the following methods:

Press and hold the chosen app before a menu emerges. Based on the app’s settings, the menu can contain a variety of choices (for example, if I press on an app for Microsoft Teams, the menu will let me make a new call or start a chat). However, you will still be given the choice (in red) to uninstall the app. Tap on it.

You will also be able to delete the program from your handset or remove it from the home screen. Choose the latter. The software is already included in the App Library.

If the program is not already in the App Library, you will be offered the option of removing it or adding it to the App Library after tapping “Remove App.”


If you like, you can even hide a whole directory of applications — and delete the page — all at once. And, since it’s so simple to recover the same tab, it’s a perfect way to remove groups of apps that you just use on occasion.

Tap and hold an empty area on the phone before the apps start jiggling.

Tap the three dots at the bottom of the panel to open the menu.

You will also display miniature copies on all the screens (except the App Library and Today View). A checkmark appears under each accessible tab; uncheck every screen you wish to cover and press “Done” in the upper right corner.

To “unhide” all of the displays, repeat the steps above and replace the checkmark of the device you want to display again.

How To Hide Apps From Your iPhone’s Home Screen Using iOS 14


Folders on the home screen may be used to group together compatible applications and conserve room. You won’t be able to totally hide the apps — they’ll always be there. They would, though, be consolidated in a single location.

It is extremely easy to make a folder:

Long-press an app on the home screen before the icons start jiggling.

Place the app on one of the other applications for which you choose to group it.

You’ll now see a grey icon with the logos for the applications in the folder. To open the folder and control the applications inside it, tap on the symbol.

The name of the folder will be assigned by iOS based on the applications you’ve placed in it. To rename a document, long-press it and pick “Rename” from the pop-up screen. Then enter the new name.

To delete a program from a folder, open it, long-press the app until it jiggles, and drag it out of the folder and to another location on your home screen. When you uninstall any of the applications from a folder, the folder is deleted.

If you wish to delete a folder, long-press it and click “Remove Folder.” All apps that were in the folder will still be available in the Software Library.

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