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Manage Google AdWords: Google AdWords Express was initially known as Google Boost and it is a feature targeted at small businesses to help them reduce the cost and difficulty of managing ad campaigns by instantly managing keywords and ad placement.

Google AdWords Express automatically manages your online ads, without you needing to regularly check on it.Manage Google AdWords

 How Google AdWords Express Works

Immediately after setting up of Google Adwords Express it instantly manages your ads automatically. The result is that when customers look for products or services linked to your search phrases on Google, your ad will likely pop up.

 Google AdWords Express Benefits

  • ·         It supports small businesses, who do not have a website, by giving them access to direct customers to their Google page instead.
  • ·         Customers can easily locate your business via ads on Google or an appearing icon Google Maps.
  • ·         It helps you create online ads with ease and speed.
  • ·         You only make payments to Google when people click on your ad
  • ·         You can see the effects of your ads in your account dashboard.
  • ·         It gives you the platform to attract more customers to your website or Google page.
  • ·         Google AdWords Express takes the marketing load off your shoulders and runs your ad for you.
  • ·         You can reach all types of customers whether they use desktops computers or mobile devices.

How to Manage Google Adwords Express

The following suggestions are there to guide you in your ad campaign:

ü  Begin your ad with a small budget, to test it.

ü  You can use the ad scheduling feature to allow the showing of your ads coincides with business hours, this helps a lot especially if customers require an immediate response.

ü  Make use of external call tracking software and connect it directly to Adwords to help you track full phone calls in just few minutes with features like free call recording.

ü  After setting up your ads account, and adding a business,  as well as writing your ad,  you can manage your Google AdWords account from your dashboard easily and effectively.

ü  You have to monitor your ads to ensure they running effectively once you have created the first ad.

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