Google My Business | How To Register Your Company In Google

How To Register Your Company on Google: Google My Business is simply an avenue provided by Google to make it easy for businesses to gain access to the world using their web. It will allow you to update all the info you think your customers need to have to Google.

Your company can be easily found on the to register your company in google

Benefit Of Registering your Company on Google

  • Google my Business gets you in front of your customers by ensuring that your company stands out either in Google searches of the site or Maps.
  • Using Google My Business is free and this saves marketing expenses to some degree.
  • With Google My Business you can set up your contacts information and the company’s working hours to allow customers to find you with ease using the details you provide.
  • Photos you upload on your business attract customers’ attention. Google has made it easier to display your business by allowing you upload photos in the following categories: profile photos, logo, interior photos, exterior photos, photos at work, team photos and additional photos.
  • With this service, you don’t have issues of people not locating your business. With Google My Business you are allowed to update your pin location on Google Maps to show your business icon appear on Google Maps.
  • You can use it to show off your great reviews from satisfied clients and let your customers tell their stories to the world.
  • It gives people a virtual welcome to your business. You can connect with photographers who can assist you create a 360 – degree virtual tour of your business anytime people search for your company.
  • This will help you analyze how many times your business and it’s content has been viewed. It allows you to see if the customer clicked for driving directions, to call your company or visit your website.

Steps To Register Your Company on Google

  • Use a browser to visit:
  • Tap on Start Now.
  • Enter the name of the company and click on ‘’Next’’. Click on the line with a header that shows ‘’ Business Name’’ and types the name of your company, then click on the ‘’ Next’’ icon.
  • Fill in your location Information: enter your personal address, use the drop-down menu and select your country, Street Address, City, State, and Zip code.
  • Tick the checkbox if you do delivery of goods to your customers, then tap on ‘’Next’’ when you have satisfied all the prompts.
  • Select the type of business your company engages in front of the options provided before to tap on “Next” to move on.
  • Enter your phone number and website address. Then choose your country of residence. Tap on ‘’Next’’ icon to proceed

More on Register Your Company on Google

  • Choose if you would like to receive communication with personalized tips and suggestions that will improve your business’s presence on Google. Tap on ‘’Next‘’
  • Tap on the ‘’Continue‘’ icon to confirm that you have given Google authorization to manage the business listing.
  • Tap on the ‘’Mail’’ icon (this is a verification method) and Google will send you a postcard with a 5 digit code. Until you verify the 5 digit code on the postcard when you return to the Google business site to manage your business listing but certain features will be locked.
  • To do this: when the postcard arrives, go to and tap on the ‘’Verify location‘’ icon in the sidebar of the page and enter the 5- digit code in the “Enter Code’’ field text and tap on the “verify” icon. You account will now be unlocked and the features that were locked then will be opened. Continue to adjust your account settings and manage your business to your satisfaction.

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