How to reset passcode on iPhone

Reset passcode on iPhone

You’re an iPhone user and you’re wondering how you can reset passcode on iPhone? No problem, Techylite’s got you all covered.

In this article, we cover all about the steps involved in resetting the passcode on your lovely iPhone. It’s quite simple and might as well be the simplest thing you’ll ever do on your device. Just read on.

It’s always very necessary to protect our devices. And the use of a passcode comes in following the acknowledgement of this very fact. However, it’s very likely that someone else might have a good guess to what your passcode is. Or someone might have known it already.

Perhaps, you’ve decided the current one is too weak and easy to guess by anyone or someone who knows you. You’ll definitely want to reset passcode on iPhone.

Wait, have you rather forgotten the passcode entirely? This method should work for both reasons. You’re all good. Let’s hit it.

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How to reset passcode on iPhone

As simple as it was earlier said to be, all you have to do is:

1. Press and hold the Side button and any of the volume button keys till the power off slider comes on screen. Then turn of your iPhone by dragging the slider.

2. Your iPhone should be connected to your computer while you’re holding the Side button. Don’t let go of the Side button until you’re able to see the recovery mode screen.

3. Simply restore your device (click to skip to instructions)

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