How to Start Learning Computer Programming

How to Start Learning Computer Programming: Most people are interested in learning computer programming languages for our own reasons. If you think learning this language is an uphill task, then you may be wrong. With different tutorials, courses, and books available online, learning a computer language is no more a big deal.

The only thing is that you have to be diligent and patient with your learning process and then you are all set up to master the language.How to Start Learning Computer Programming

  1. Find Out Why You Want To Learn Coding

Once you answer this question, it will help you know the right direction and the number of hours you need to devote everyday. For e.g., if you wish to become a professional programmer, then taking an online course would be the right drill.

If you want to develop games, then online tutorials will suffice. Thus, it all depends on the purpose which you want to fulfill to choose the right learning curve.

  1. Choose The Right Language

Selecting a language will rely on the purpose for which you want to learn it. If you are just beginning with learning a computer programming language, then select something which is more beginner-friendly like Python or maybe Java.

If you want to write an iOS app, then you will have to learn Swift. If you are very serious about programming, then you can start with C. Even high-level languages such as C# and Python can be learnt easily. You can learn more about C# language at doksi.

  1. Start Patiently

You won’t have command over the language in one day. It is a long-term process and you need to be patient with your progress. You can break down your learning project into simple parts and begin with each part from scratch.

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There are a lot of videos and courses online that will help you with your preparation. If that doesn’t work out, then you can switch to any other method, but don’t give up.

  1. Practice On Language Apps

Even those who are learning a foreign language use such lingo apps, which help them with their preparation. These apps are very handy as they take you forward step by step and help you measure your improvement.

One such app is Scratch. Even kids’ animation apps will help you understand the basics of programming.

  1. Learn Online

If you don’t want to pay for a tutorial center, then learning online will be of great help. For e.g., is an electronic library for students which will give you an insightful learning platform.

There are a number of online training sites like codecademy

Udemy and Hour of Code participants which will teach you to write your first program. You will have to find the e-resources of learning by yourself and give a starting point to yourself.

  1. Go For A Coding Course

An online course on computer programming languages offers a far better experience than online tutorials. These courses are designed for the students in a way whereby they will learn the rudiments of the language over a period of time.

Harvard provides one such course which is absolutely free. Likewise, you can try for other such courses as well, while you have a look at Harvard’s courses.

  1. You May Learn From Free Programming Books

Reference books always come handy whenever you get stuck at a problem. Look for various free book websites that offer such books. There are multiple websites like GitHub, which have a big horde of e-books covering as many as 24 programming languages.

  1. Spend Some Time To Play Coding Games

This would prove to be the simplest way of learning a programming language. You will find some tutorials which will teach you to build easy and difficult games. There will be other sites where learning takes place in the form of playing games, such as Code Combat, Cod in Game etc.

  1. Have A Mentor

Having a mentor is important to keep a track of your progress. It proves very helpful when you stumble at some complex problem. Your mentor may help you find a way out. Hack.pledge is one such place where you can connect with a mentor or you can even mentor someone else.

Bottom Line:

These are some necessary steps, which might enable you kick start your learning process. Make sure you choose the right set of references which are easy and helpful for you to cement a good foundation. Once you grab the right lot of resources, you are ready to hop on your preparation.

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