Facebook Notification | How to Turn Facebook Notification On and Off

Facebook notification alert users of updates by a circle of friends within the network. Notifications come on for various reasons and it can be because people are interacting with your posts or a post you have interacted with.

With the billions of users on the network, it is not easy for one person to find out everything that is happening on the network. Notifications are there to help people get to know when something important is going on. It helps users stay updated on their interests.Facebook Notification

Benefits of Facebook Notification

  • Events get seen as they are happening.
  • When notifications have alert sounds on, it draws attention to new updates.
  • Posts that users are tagged to pops up with links to them in the notifications page.

Types of Facebook Notification

These notifications appear both on Desktops and Mobile devices.

  • Red Alert Notification: These are notifications that appear at the top of the Facebook page with various symbols that show the happenings you are being notified about. A red bubble pops up when a new notification comes in and the number of new notifications you have is shown. These symbols come in various forms that mean different things: human head icon tha means new friend requests, showing birthdays and others.
  • Email Notification: Email notifications come informs of mail to the registered email address.
  • Push Notification: These notifications come up regularly while users interact with other users.

Desktop Only notifications are pop up notifications that pops up on the computer screen when the network is being used. The notifications can be opened by just tapping on the pop-up icons.

Mobile Only notifications are notifications that come in form of text messages from Facebook.

How to Turn Facebook Notification On and Off

To focus on a purposeful path on the Facebook network and avoid distractions from unnecessary notifications it is wise to turn off notifications for some things that you may consider irrelevant or have no benefit at the moment to a particular mission you are embarked on. To do this:

  • Begin by tapping on the “V” shaped icon, at the top-right. Then tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Select the “Notifications” icon in the left column of the page.
  • Next, you should tap on the “Close Friend Activity” icon and tap on the “On Facebook” icon as well.
  • You can choose “On or Off” to turn on or turn off notifications about close friends activities.

Although Facebook notifications ensure users stay up-to-date on happenings with the Facebook community, the ability to curb these is important.

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