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Facebook Gameroom is a standalone app, which grants users access to play their favorite Facebook games, without needing to access the Facebook site through a web browser.

Facebook Gameroom is a new computer gaming app, developed for gamers to engage in through playing and sharing the games they love. Players can easily access the games they already play on the Facebook site and also browse menus of other games.facebook game room


Facebook Gameroom Categories

Facebook Gameroom fits games under different categories and some of these are;

  • Arcade
  • Shooter
  • Adventure
  • Racing
  • Sports

Facebook Gameroom Features

  • Facebook Gameroom separates games into genres, with other recommendations that are based on the user’s favorite games.
  • Using this stand-alone app, players can save time, by creating desktop shortcuts for their favorite games instead of having to go through the website.
  • You can enjoy Facebook Gameroom on Windows PC, Android etc.

Facebook Gameroom Benefits

  • It is free and safe from viruses for download.
  • It is designed with convenient shortcuts and focus is on gameplay for players offering them an exclusive as well as an immersive gaming experience.
  • Facebook Gameroom gives better launching time and lesser memory space is required compared to native games.
  • Personalized recommendations are available.
  • The Game room gives players a faster and smoother experience.

How to Install Facebook Gameroom

To install Facebook Gameroom your computer has to be running Windows 7 and above. After you sign in:

  • Enter this link to take you to the webpage: www.facebook.com/Gameroom and click on the “Download Gameroom” tab.
  • Follow carefully the instructions given, to allow you to download and install Facebook Gameroom.
  • All your Facebook games will instantly pop up after you complete the above steps in the Gameroom and your existing levels and rewards will come up.
  • A second option for installing Facebook Gameroom is for you to visit www.facebook.com/Gameroom in any browser and then download the exe installer file and finally, make the installation from the setup.

Once the installation is successful, all your Facebook games will appear in Gameroom as well as your existing levels and rewards.

How to play Facebook Gameroom Games

  • Tap on the “play now” icon and a screen will be appear asking for your permission to continue with your Facebook name to launch the app.
  • You will then pick any category of game you will love to engage.
  • Tap on the game of choice.
  • Tap on the “play now” button and a screen will be shown asking for your permission to continue with your Facebook name.
  • Tap on the “continue” icon to start the game download.
  • After the download is complete, you can start playing the games.

In order to play new games;

  • Tap on the categories tab in the app.
  • You will be asked to proceed further.
  • The game you pick will be downloaded freely.

You can now immerse yourself in the gaming world and share you excitement with others.

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