Just In: Xiaomi Is No Longer Blacklisted In The U.S.

Just In: Xiaomi Is No Longer Blacklisted In The U.S.

The Chinese electronics corporation Xiaomi was attached to a blacklist by the US Department of Defense (DoD) in January, before President Trump left office, due to its designation as a “Communist Chinese military company.” The judgment has since been overturned.

Xiaomi reacted to the blacklisting with a complaint in which it refuted any links to the Chinese military or becoming a Communist Chinese military enterprise. 

The conflict began in November 2020, when former US President Donald Trump designated Xiaomi as a “Communist Chinese military company,” prohibiting American citizens and businesses from investing in or dealing with the manufacturer.

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Xiaomi filed a lawsuit in January 2021 and was granted a preliminary injunction (basically an exemption from the ban) two months later by the US District Court for the District of Columbia.

Just In: Xiaomi Is No Longer Blacklisted In The U.S.

Neither Xiaomi nor the US courts could be reached for comment, and a Chinese Foreign Ministry official was unaware of any agreement reached between the two parties.

According to Bloomberg, a federal judge agreed with Xiaomi in March and prevented the limits from being enforced.

According to The Verge, the US government seems to have decided not to discuss the matter any further. The two sides “have decided upon a way forward that will settle this case without the need for disputed briefing,” according to a joint status report submitted with the DoD. 

According to the most current court filing, Xiaomi and the DoD have “agreed that a final judgment vacating Xiaomi Corporation’s January 14, 2021 status as a CCMC…would be sufficient.”

If the blacklisting had been implemented, US owners will only have until November 11 of this year to sell their holdings in Xiaomi, which is actually the third-largest smartphone maker. Unsurprisingly, Xiaomi’s stock is now up 6% today, while it dropped 11% in January after reports of the blacklisting.


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