Nintendo Switch OLED model announced for October

Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch arrives in October!

While it might not be what everyone was quite expecting, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has been unveiled by Nintendo, it has a larger OLED screen, wired LAN, 64GB of storage and many other interesting features.

Despite the miss ot its rumoured debut during E3 2021, it’s finally here, Nintendo has pulled the wraps off its lovely new console. The days of Switch (OLED model) has begun to count already.

Fans hoped for “Switch 2” or “Switch Pro” however, this is the arrived console it brings a visual upgrade to the table. This switch comes with a larger 7in OLED panel against the 6.2in LCD on the original Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo has worked on enlarging the screen whilst also slimming the bezels down. This means; the new model sports near-identical proportions to the Normal Switch (albeit which measures 0.1in wider, meaning it may fail to fit some Nintendo Labo kits & choose third-party accessories) and will work with accessories already existing like the current Joy-Cons.

While many gamers around the world will definitely want to know the price, only US pricing has been announced. With the announced price, the new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) clocks in at US$349.99. There happens to be a $50 increase on the original Nintendo Switch’s asking price as well as a hike that is expected to translate across to international pricing too.

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