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Outlook Account Sign Up: First established in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as Hotmail initially. Outlook.com is a Web-based combination of Webmail, contacts, task and calendaring services from Microsoft.

The headquarters of the company is in Sunnyvale, California in the state where the founders first built it. After being acquired by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $4000 million and launched it as MSN Hotmail, the service was later rebranded to windows Live Hotmail and included among the Windows Live suite of products.Outlook Account Sign Up

Features of Outlook Account Sign Up

Similar to other webmail services, it has several features and is supported by popular browsers including; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

  • Keyboard – This allows navigation activities without using the mouse. By extension, it allows searching the users’ messages including rigid syntax that comes in forms of a structured query from ebay. It filters folder-based organization massages, auto-completes contact addresses when involving composite goods, groups contacts for easy locating. It imports and exports contacts and files like CV in; rich text formatting, rich text signatures. Filters spams, scans for viruses, supports multiple addresses and different language versions.
  • Security and Privacy – It does not scan emails and privacy is ensured. Neither does it scan attachments for advertising information but it keeps personal conversations free of ad pop-ups.
  • Active View – The active view feature allows users to interact directly with contents. There is improves functionality within their email message.
  • Calendar – It features a similar interface to desktop calendar applications such as Windows calendar that allows scheduling.
  • Peoples – It allows users to access information made available by their contacts and view their profiles. It Provides them with an avenue to share different Pieces of information with different groups of people.
  • Task – This is a task management component of outlook that is a later development introduced during a transitioning of offices.
  • Office Online Integration – It allows viewing and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that are received in the mail.
  • Skype Integration – It enables users to make Skype video calls within outlook.com without logging out.
  • Sweep– It uses sender’s information to move emails into folders. It also allows users to delete large emails that have been read in less time.
  • Quick view and One-click Filters – This allows users to filter all emails in select folders by such information as: document attached, photos attachments, flagged messages, or shipping updates to allow easy reading.
  • Aliases – It can be used to create additional, new email addresses, termed aliases, for other purposes in the Microsoft account.

Benefits Of Outlook Account Sign Up

The features of the Outlook services give users the advantages outlined as follows:

  • Improved connectivity – Since it is connected to a mobile phone that grants easy access to users, allows them to read other emails, edit their calendar schedule and take notes without the need of a computer.
  • Proper Organization – Users can use this to send and resend emails. It also allows them to sync their emails directly into their calendar or their contact list.
  • Easy Connection With Others – The calendar can be shared with other users on Outlook and this can allow users to work on a calendar for clients to gain easy access to when needed.
  • Ignore unnecessary Conversations.
  • Mail tips
  • Schedule meetings.
  • Rich contact information
  • Flags, changing the importance of email
  • Allows Various ways to Find Emails.

 Steps To Create An Outlook Account

 Follow the easy steps below for your Outlook account sign up to enjoy the earlier mentioned benefits.

  • Visit the outlook website: outlook.com.
  • Tap on the “create free Account“ icon on the home page.
  • Input an email address in the space required.
  • Add @outlook.com to the end to change the domain name.
  • A complex password is required that must be 8 characters or more. It can include alphabets, alphanumeric and special characters.
  • To receive promotional emails from Microsoft check the box.
  • Complete the spaces that request for details of names, region and birthday.
  • Pass the “I’m not a robot” test and tap the submit icon.

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