Simple Hacks to fix iCloud Storage is Full

Simple Hacks to fix iCloud Storage is Full: We live in the age of modern technology. Due to the emergence of the latest technology we have various devices and tools for our routine life. One of this advancement is the iCloud technology.

This technology is usually used to store your data in a virtual server managing by the Apple ecosystem. The whole of the devices of Apple including iPhone is enabled with this technology.Simple Hacks to fix iCloud Storage is Full

The free space which is offered by iCloud is limited to 5GB. This is a limited space for mobile users. Majority of the users are facing the issues of the low storage in their iCloud. In this article, I will explain some hacks to restore the iCloud backup in detail.

Whenever you face the issue of insufficient space in iCloud storage, the first step is to check your current space for your limitation of the iCloud space. If you are using the excessive amount of storage above your limit, then you must have to manage it. For this purpose you can follow the various methods as follows;

Turn off the apps which are not in backup:

The users of the iCloud are facing the problem of the low spaces due to the setting of their devices. The users of iCloud technology know that every newly installed app would be automatically in the backup process of iCloud.

If you wanted to increase the limit of your iCloud storage, then you have to put off the existing backup from iCloud.

Delete the backup and disable iCloud:

When you turn off your backup in iCloud the very next step is to delete your backup from iCloud. Whenever you turn on your back up again, then there will be no effect on your storage.

On the other hand, whenever you deleted the backup and then turn on again, then you will see a huge difference. You also can access iCloud backup at any time.

Delete the unused or unwanted data from your devices:

The next method is to remove or delete the unused data from your all devices which are connected with your iCloud. Majority of the people are using the iCloud email address to receive emails.

These emails would be added into the total space of 5GB of your iCloud. Remove the unwanted and the useless messages from your iCloud email. Moreover, iCloud Drive is also using the space of your iCloud. Delete the unwanted data from your iCloud Drive as well.

Use the iPhone data backup tools: fix iCloud Storage

There are various photos and videos on your iPhone and other devices. If you wanted to move these photos and videos to your PC then use of the iPhone data backup tool is best in this regards.

This device will be used for the transferring of the data from your mobile devices to your PC or laptops. By transferring your photos and images to your PC will be helpful to store and manage your space of iCloud.

The process to use the iPhone tool for PC:

Step 1:

The first step is to attach your mobile device to your PC. You can use USB for this purpose. Click on the trust of the device screen whenever a popup appears on your computer as follows

Step 2:

In some cases, you are unable to see the storage path. For this purpose click on Next then click on the computer icon and the Folder icon on your PC as following;

Step 3:

This will enable to transfer various tools from iPhone to PC just with one click as follows;

Step 4:

Click transfer icon to transfer your photos and the videos to PC. In this way don’t break your USB Connection until the process is finished.

iCloud Photo Library:

There are hundreds or thousands of the images are storing in iCloud which will create an issue of the low storage space. If these images would be removed or optimized by some tools, then your space of iCloud would be managed efficiently.

Delete Attachments and Texts in Messages:

This factor must be kept in mind that the text messages and the attachments with these messages would be available in iCloud as well. If you delete these messages and texts, then you will increase the storage capacity of your iCloud easily.

Moreover, time by time you can delete the unwanted content, emails, and messages so you can avoid any future issues.

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