The Internet Revolution and The Boom of Proxies

Proxy Server: The Internet Revolution and The Boom of Proxies: The internet has broadened possibilities providing opportunities to learn, make money, and so much more to every single user. It has made us remain in touch with our closest friends far away from 7 seas, play games on our small mobile phone, and much more.

I think the internet is the only thing that keeps the majority of us up-to-date with happenings across the globe and also, it is the thing that is used by people irrespective of age, sex, occupation, and nationality, A user can surf the web from around the globe at any time and from anywhere.proxy server

There might be people in certain countries where they aren’t allowed to surf a particular topic or use a specific application such as Facebook ban in China, and many other instances, there’s where the use of proxies come in handy.

Before making a deep dive into top-notch proxy providers, we will make you understand about the proxy server and list top 3 proxy servers.

What is a Proxy Server?

A web proxy server is a tool/application that will allow a user to surf the web without declaring a user’s location regarding IP address of the PC/internet.

The whole data surfed is processed through servers that are set up across the globe and other IP addresses which enables users in China to access Facebook on other country’s internet provider’s IP address. The whole process makes it tough for anyone to track you and your activities when online.

In simple words, A secured proxy acts as a mediator to hide your information that is processed between your computer and the websites you wish to visit when online.

As long as you keep using proxy servers, everything you serve has specific benefits; anonymity, privacy, and freedom. You can learn more about how a proxy works when you go through the full article piece.

Now, we will have a look at the top 3 free and paid proxy server providers. Here are the proxy servers as follows.

  1. HideMyAss:-

First on our list is HMA, it is not only a favorite proxy server provider company but also provide amazing and highly rated

VPN services ; HMA (HideMyAss) VPN and proxy niches;

They’re primarily located in the UK and also have an operation in other European countries. It offers an easy and simple to use solution for your browsing needs be it 18+ content in some countries, or social media, or anything else.

The company owns a nearby address bar connected through a tunnel of 50+ satellite, and it allows its users to take advantage of, to access a particular site without revealing your identity/ IP address in public.

  1. Proxy Site:-

Second on our list is the proxy site that is hosted on a gigabit network, guaranteeing that your identity is never shown to your world and your browsing experience doesn’t experience a hassle as the speed will never slow down.

The company provided with both paid and free plans wherein you will have options for you to use your current and their given address bar, only to optimize your browsing experience.

  1. Whoer Web Proxy:- is third on our list that states themselves as a free and quick way to change your IP Address and enjoy your browsing experience without a hassle.

That’s not all; a user can also carry out a small test which is aimed to test your internet provider’s IP address and integrate them in their system which helps to find out a server’s response time and hence, improve user’s browser experience.

In The article , we have talked about the internet revolution, a brief introduction was given to web proxy, 3 of the best web proxy server, and much more.

Thank you for reading this article and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments section. It’s been a pleasure making such awesome guides.

The content is in no way sponsored by any of the web proxy service provider and it’s development team.

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