Twitter may be adding voice effects to Spaces

Twitter may be adding voice effects to Spaces

According to a tweet from Twitter sleuth Jane Manchum Wong, Twitter may be introducing voice effects to its audio chat platform Spaces. According to Wong’s study, Twitter is working on a feature called Voice Transformer, which will allow users to adjust their voice pitch and add echo effects.

Via June 2020, Twitter began rolling out Spaces in its iOS app to a select number of users. In March, it released an Android app, and in April, it released a desktop version (which Wong also predicted).

Sound effects may appear to be a trivial feature, yet they may improve the app’s accessibility. Pitch control, in particular, could be extremely helpful for people who are self-conscious about how their voices sound in online forums, as well as for women who are subjected to voice-related harassment or who have their vocal patterns over-policed.

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People who desire to stay anonymous on Twitter may be able to use this to mask their voices while still participating in Spaces.


Twitter did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday, but Wong’s research is always reliable. For example, she predicted Twitter’s Tip Jar and Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription service, before they were officially launched.

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