Bluer Than Blue: 7 Best Pool Maintenance App For a Better and Clearer Pools

Pool Maintenance App: In our present world, you can control and manage almost everything with a mobile app. You can do anything with your phone from turning on the appliances to assisting you while you drive. Today, even maintaining your pool using an app and a smartphone is now possible.

Keeping your pool clean and clear with adequate maintenance will help reduce repair costs and larger issues that could arise sooner or later. Good thing there are now apps available in the market to enable you to monitor the state of your pool to prevent such issues.pool maintenance app

Here are seven of the best pool maintenance app that could help you worry less while soaking up in your swimming pool.

The Pool Care Android App

The Pool Care app will remind you when to do chemical tests, filter cleanings and backwash schedule for your pool. It also enable you to log results, set reminders, and give detailed adjustment recommendations for your pool’s maintenance.

The app allows you keep a healthy pool, but when it comes to pool renovation, no apps can help you fix it. Swimming pool services like how to repair or replace a liner need assistance from professionals to restore the functionality of your pool.

The Nimbus Pool Doctor iOS App

The Nimbus Pool Doctor is your best pick in keeping your pool blue as ever. The app will enable maintain the chemical balance of your swimming pool. Using this app, you can adjust salt, chlorine, pH levels, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, and even the levels of cyanuric acids.

The steps and constant instruction offered by the Nimbus Pool Doctor app will allow you to navigate interface easily. The app also helps you set your pool’s ideal ranges of chemical balance and requirements.

The Pool Cloud iOS App

The Pool Cloud app is perfect for beginners and professionals. It provides a wealth of information, calculations, step-by-step instructions, service recommendations, and analysis.

The app is designed by countless professionals to ensure the users the most up to date and accurate information available to help you maintain your swimming pools. The service plan feature of the Pool Cloud app will allow you to set a reminder for the routine of your pool maintenance.

The Pool Pal Android app

The Pool Pal app is like a portable calculator that can help manage the chemical balance of your pool. The app will help you track free hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, total alkalinity, pH levels, calcium hardness, borates, stabilizer, bromine, salt, backwashing, water temperature, filter cleaning, and the flow of pressure.

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To manage this app, you can input your pool details, and it will give you recommendations to keep your pool water properly balanced. The Pool Pal app displays the Calcite Saturation Index (CSI) and the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) for the present readings and goals.

The Pool Heater Android and iOS App

The Pool Heater app will allow you communicate with your heat pump pool heater from a Wifi network or an internet connection. Using this app, you can monitor the condition of the heat pump pool heater such as the water volume, running mode, and the current outlet water temperature.

This Pool Maintenance App will help you to set the heat pump pool heater like the ON and OFF setting, timer setting, water temperature setting, and mode setting. It also provides more information about the failure of the heat pump pool heater and the water temperature changes through the temperature curves.

The Pool Smart iOS App

The Pool Smart app is perfect for the beginners and professionals alike. The app will teach you how to maintain the water balance of your swimming pool with the right amount of chemicals that can save you money and time. It has troubleshooting features to track common issues like cloudy water, algae or stains.

The PoolTrac Pro Android App

The Pooltrac Pro app gives the user access to information about facilities such as functionality of equipment, water chemistry, and cleanliness of your pool in real-time. The app will allow you to monitor the condition of your swimming pool and the quality of the performance done by your employees.


Today, all the possibilities are truly endless because of the technology. It is now possible to monitor the state of your swimming pool with a single tap on your phone. By using the mobile apps listed above, you may now calculate the chemical requirements of your pool and will help you worry less while swimming especially during the holidays.

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