Four Windows 10 features missing in Windows 11

Four Windows 10 features missing in Windows 11

Four Windows 10 features missing in Windows 11

Windows 11 will indeed be the very new beauty. However, for all the talk about Windows 11’s new features, not all will be making the move from the previous windows. Here are four features you’ll miss out on following the arrival of the new one.

Over the previous month, Windows has been thrust into the limelight in a manner we haven’t seen for almost 6 years. After an announcement of an event by Microsoft for 24 June. speculations surrounds a potential review of Windows 11.

The leak of an early build ahead of time went away with the surprise element, but many people still tuned in for the official announcement of ‘the next generation of Windows’. Much users have since downloaded the first Windows 11 beta, & interest is set to remain high till its release date which is expected to be October.

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Anyone could well be forgiven if they assume that all the best features from Windows 10 will make their way to Windows 11, however, that’s precisely the opposite. There are a few omissions which are notable in Windows 11, omissions which might come as a surprise if you take advantage of the free upgrade. Let’s go for it, here are four Windows 10 features that aren’t available in Windows 11.


This was actually introduced to Windows 10 in the April 2018 feature update, with this, it’s been relatively short-lived. It might be very strange to see that the feature dropped for Windows 11, as it’s been genuinely useful for a lot of users so far.

What does it do then? Signed into your Microsoft account, Timeline allows you to track your last 30 days of history across all devices. It’s painful following it’s absence then.

Tablet mode

The Use of Windows 10 as a tablet has long been one of its main notable weaknesses, although there’s still a dedicated tablet mode made available to it.

Vertical taskbar option

Most device users stick with the arrangement of ‘horizontal taskbar’. However, this can be customised easily in Settings. If you’d rather prefer a boxier display or wish to change up things, the vertical arrangement might be nice for you.

Live Tiles in Start Menu

Much changes come to the Start Menu, it has arguably undergone the most changes in design of anywhere in Windows 11. The Start Menu has a very different look as well as feel to the one you’ll notice on Windows 10, with a list of ‘Pinned’ icons which are customizable & cloud-powered ‘Recommended’ section.


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