How can I adjust my Facebook privacy settings?

How can I adjust my Facebook privacy settings?

How can I adjust my Facebook privacy settings?

Adjusting your Facebook privacy settings

Privacy is of outmost important to many individuals on social media. And it’s actually very unwise if you happen to have no privacy as you use the Facebook social media platform.

In this article, we will be focusing on helping out with how you can adjust your Facebook privacy settings. It’s actually quite simple and no way complicated as far as you know what privacy settings is.

And for the purpose of understanding more, let’s know more about this Privacy, what’s about it?

What is Facebook Privacy settings?

This settings enable you Make changes on your account. This includes who can view your posts, who might follow you, who can view your timeline, who & what you block & face recognition.

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How to Adjust the settings

Looking for your privacy settings?:

1. First, you have to Scroll down to the very bottom of Facebook then click on ‘Settings & Privacy’.
2. Then, you click the setting you’d like to adjust.

There are other settings as well which help in keeping your account the best way you wish it to be.

Account Settings: Allows you to make adjustments on the basics which includes your name, mobile number, email. You can also choose your preference in language translation.

Security: Here, you can Change your password. Also, you can turn on alerts as well as approvals to secure your account.


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