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Friends are the most important things in life and we all need them. What is more, online friends are vital too. Facebook friends are there to make our social experiences more fun and this is why creating a Facebook Friend List is good.

It allows users to organize their numerous friends into different categories. Not all friends will share the interest with others, so categorizing them ensures that we are sharing what a particular group is interested in with that group.Facebook Friend List

Benefits of Facebook Friends Lists

  • You can use the feature of Friends List to filter the kind of updates that come to your Timeline at different times.
  • Like was earlier stated, since interests differ, this feature will allow users to update posts that are specific for a particular group of friends online and prevent others not in this group from viewing them.
  • The lists can be updated and edited allowing you to remove some friends from a group or add some other ones to a group. Facebook does not notify users if there are removed from a category.

Categories of Facebook Friend Lists

There are different categories of friends list under which users can group their online friend’s  and some are explained below:

  • Close Friends: This is a group made up of friends that you want to share most stuff with. Notifications are received when people in this group make posts on Facebook.
  • Acquaintances: As the name suggests, these users are not very well known or may be known but you don’t want them to have access to view most of your updates. By choosing “Friends except for Acquaintances” in the audience option when making a post, these people are cut off from viewing the post.
  • Restricted: The people on this list can only see posts with audience set to “Public”. They are friends you made on the network but don’t want them to see many of your posts.

A Custom list too can be created that helps users easily categorize friends. This list will be left to the users discretion to place restrictions on the members if they want to.

How to Create Facebook Friends List

To be in control of who sees what and whose notifications you get, you should adhere to the instructions below:

  • When you go to “friends” icon on your Facebook home page, you select the “More” option. The list that you currently have will be displayed immediately after doing this.
  • Tap on the “Create List” icon and a new dialogue box will appear.
  • You can go ahead to name the lists and to add members.
  • To do this: enter the name of the person you wish to add and Facebook will list friends with that name. Select the right person, from the list, and start type the next name you want to include. Repeat this steps until the list is complete.
  • Tap on the “Create” icon after this your News feed will display the updates from just the people in your friend list that you created.

How to Access Facebook Friend List

Select “friends” on the left-hand side of your Newsfeed and choose the more option. You can view the lists you have.

The Facebook Friends List feature gives control over the kind of content you will come across at some given time and help you arrange friends in order of importance.

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