How to Play USB on your TV

How to Play USB on your TV

How to Play USB on your TV

 Play USB on your TV

Do you have a flash and you want to watch the content of it on your flat screen TV? You’ll definitely have to use the USB port. However, not knowing the exact processes to follow is no way a Problem as we’ve got you covered.

In this very article, we will be Providing to you, every necessary information needed for you to know how to Play USB on your TV. Good news: it’s totally simple and interesting. Not headache involved, not at all.

Many TV sets produced these days are made to be smart. They can view files from different sources and not only through AVI as it used to be the case. A flash drive with movies stored in it can as well replace your DSTV or GOTV as the case may be.

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How to Play USB on your TV

Just like earlier said, it’s absolutely simple to do this. First, you need to confirm that your TV is compatible. And that can be done by checking the back of your TV for a USB port.

Once you see any, Insert the USB drive into the port. Now, you should see a pop-up, or you can navigate to the option which says something about “Browse Media,” or Maybe “Browse USB” (might be something different). In some cases, you will need to hit the “Source” button on your Controller then navigate to “USB Device” (or similar).

Now, you can browse your USB drive just like it’s done on a Computer. You make choices of videos or music you wish to play, depends on the content of the flash.

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