Mercedes starts production of the electric EQS sedan

Mercedes starts production of the electric EQS sedan

Since its prototype debut a few years ago, the EQS, aka Mercedes-first Benz’s completely electric sedan, has piqued our interest.

About the fact that the prototype edition was only released in April of this year, Mercedes is not losing time in bringing the EQS into production, according to a Thursday announcement.

In reality, the EQS is now being built at Mercedes’ Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, which you’ll remember if you’re a huge Mercedes nerd as the factory responsible for producing the regular, extended-wheelbase, and Maybach models of the internal combustion-powered S-Class.

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What’s even cooler is that the EQS is designed on the same assembly line as the other S-Class versions.

What makes this possible? Making a completely battery-electric car with a separate design on the same assembly line as an internal combustion vehicle seems to be either impractical or, at the very least, complex and unreliable.

According to Mercedes, Factory 56 is ideally tailored to this kind of versatility due to an even higher degree of production line digitization. More machines seem to imply greater performance in this case.

The EQS will go on sale in the United States this fall, with prices estimated to be comparable to internal combustion S-Class versions.

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