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PayPal Sign In: You can send, receive and shop globally with Paypal online payment service, once you sign into your Paypal account. Paypal is trustworthy and over the years has proven to be effective when it comes to online payment service. 

This is why the number of users keeps growing and has gone above 200 million people from around the world.Paypal Sign in

Paypal Sign In Benefits

  • Account owners on the platform can make a simple and secure payment with just an email.
  • It accepts payments on different online payment platforms and is hassle free and easy to use.
  • Sign in can be achieved at any hour of the day and from anywhere. It allows users to stay in control of their accounts and offers them avenues to change settings. It is linked with many online stores as well.
  • It has a smartphone app that allows users who prefer to use their mobile to access their accounts and make their payments online.

PayPal Sign In Steps

  • Visit the website and tap on the “ Sign in” icon.
  • Enter your email address and your password.
  • Then tap on the “Sign in” icon to successfully sign in to your account.

Sign In On Other Sites

Online store like eBay accepts Paypal payments and comes with a Paypal login page, as part of the checkout process.

You can follow the above steps to sign in. Once you are signed in, you’ll pick a payment source and a shipping address. After this, your browser will automatically go back to the store’s own checkout page. To follow up payments made on other online stores you should sign into PayPal’s site directly. Your account keeps a record of the transactions made.

To prevent phony sites from duping you of your money ensure your browser’s address bar, displays PayPal’s URL, starting with https before you sign in if you are paying with PayPal on another website, .

Once your details are on hand and correct, signing into the platform is as easy as it has been outlined above. Enjoy the benefits of the online transaction platform offered by PayPal.

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