How To Create Online Selling Store on Facebook

How To Create Online Selling Store on Facebook: Because Facebook is a large widely used online platform, it can enhance and promote businesses online. It’s teeming number of users all over the world businesses are sure to go global on the network.
This is an advantage, especially for small business owners who have lots of competitions from bigger companies in the marketing world. It is most effective because customers can be having fun and at the same time become aware of your business.How To Create Online Selling Store on Facebook

Benefits Of Creating an online selling store on Facebook

  • It increases exposure for potential customers.
  • Information can be gotten about customers and it allows to reach outside of Facebook (sending them newsletters through email).
  • Having an online store helps to lower marketing related expenses as opposed to print, radio or TV ads and gives a better target.
  • A Facebook online store can help you build brand loyalty with regular customers.
  • Facebook can now generate a full – width thumbnail image if available on your website allowing for wider images to attract more likes.
  • Since almost everyone is using their mobile device to access Facebook, a Facebook page will still show users information like; hours of operation, address, review and phone number to call directly from the Facebook mobile app.
  • Facebook store page allows you to watch your competition. Although you cannot view their performances you can still see their number of likes and the interactions going on on their page.
  • Facebook also brings up pages of competitions based on locality and similarities between products and services.

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Steps On How To Create An Online Facebook selling Store

Follow the steps below to create a Facebook Online store.

  • Visit the Facebook Business page and gain administrator privileges.
  • Go to settings and it will show Template and Tabs.
  • First the needed Template area and tap on the ‘Edit’ icon.
  • When you find the shop tab on your store, tap on it.
  • The next pop up gives instructions about the setup, go through it and after, tap on the ‘Get Started’ icon.
  • Another pop-up page appears where you are to enter your business details, that is, the type and address. After filling this, tap on the ‘Next’ icon.
  • Here you can enter your State and Tax registration number.
  • If you want to be paid on Facebook, you should enter your currency and email address.
  • After this, tap on the ‘Finish’ icon.

Setting Up Online Payments on Facebook Seeling Store

These steps below are to set up for online payments.

  • Tap on the ‘Set Up Payments’ icon.
  • A pop-up form allows you to enter your tax details. Link your bank payment with account number by typing your bank routing and account numbers.
  • Tap on the ‘save’ icon.
  • You can now add a product to your Facebook Shop and start to sell.
  • Find the icon that says ‘Manage Shop’ and tap on it to set up your Shipping.
  • Go to the ‘add product’ icon located at the upper right-hand corner, this allows you to add all sorts of information.
  • Tap on the ‘Add photos’ icon insert product’s images that reveal what your product looks like. You can also include shipping methods, pricing and other content like product categories to the products details.

Setting and configuration may be based on the kind of shop one is opening, the setting will always be found at ‘Manage Shop’ tab near the top of your Facebook shop page.

Your shop is set up and you can now use it to sell products and increase followers on the page too.

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